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McCainservatives Reject Lies of Democrats, but Embrace Lies of John McCain?

So we all know that John McCain has won the last two Republican Primaries in South Carolina and Florida (granted, he has not won the majority of the votes of Republican-voters or Conservatives in either state, let alone any other state). And, because of that, I now see Republican voters and McCainservatives saying that we must all rally around John McCain, for no other reason than their utter, desperate fear of a Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama Presidency.

What I have trouble figuring out is how these McCainservatives can expect me to take them seriously and grant them any sense of integrity when they support John McCain’s lies. These people, who have railed against Democrats for their tactics of lying and revisionist history, are now fully supporting a man who uses these same tactics.

Interesting. Rejects Democrats who lie about Republicans, yet hail the Republican who lies about Republicans. Yeah, that makes sense.

You know, I would respect McCainservatives a little bit more if they would stop trying to shove their bullshit down my throat, expecting me to be some fucking idiot who doesn’t know lies when I see them. The first step for John McCain and his supporters to gain more support for him is to admit that he is no conservative and to stop pretending. Run an honest campaign as Rudy Giuliani did or get the fuck out of my face with your bullshit. I don’t vote for Democrats, because they are lying, smearing bastards. And I won’t be voting for any lying, smearing bastard, just because he happens to be in the Republican Party.

Thomas Sowell: McCain’s Crooked Talk – He lies about Romney’s record.

[ … ]  The fact that McCain makes short, blunt statements does not make him a straight-talker.

There are short, blunt lies — and he told a big one on the eve of the Florida primary, when he claimed that Mitt Romney had advocated a timetable for withdrawal from Iraq.

Even the Washington Post, which supports McCain, said that the senator “has distorted the meaning” of what Governor Romney said, that Romney “has never proposed setting ‘a date for withdrawal.’ ”

During Mitt Romney’s ABC News interview that Senator McCain twisted, Governor Romney was asked by the interviewer whether he agreed with President Bush’s veto of congressional legislation setting a timetable for withdrawal, and whether Romney as President would veto similar legislation.

“Of course,” was Romney’s reply. There was no ambiguity.

Confronted with his lie on Wednesday night’s debate, McCain blustered and filibustered in a manner reminiscent of Captain Queeg in The Caine Mutiny, when he was caught in a lie during a navy inquiry.

When confronted with any of his misdeeds, Senator McCain tends to fall back on his record as a war hero in Vietnam.

Let’s talk sense. Benedict Arnold was a war hero but that did not exempt him from condemnation for his later betrayal.

Being a war hero is not a lifetime get-out-of-jail-free card. And becoming president of the United States is not a matter of rewarding an individual for past services.

The presidency is a heavy responsibility for the future of the nation, including generations yet unborn. Character and integrity are major qualifications.

The passing years and a friendly media have allowed Senator McCain’s shortcomings in the character and integrity department to fade into the background.

McCain was one of “the Keating Five” — senators who used their influence to try to protect a failing savings & loan company, which also became the subject of a corruption investigation.

During the 2000 primaries, the Associated Press reported Senator McCain’s joking about people with Alzheimer’s.

This went beyond bad taste because (1) it was known at the time that Ronald Reagan was suffering from Alzheimer’s and (2) the media to whom McCain was pandering hated Ronald Reagan.

It is especially ironic now to see McCain wrapping himself in the mantle of President Reagan.

With the momentum of his Florida primary win behind him, going into the “Super Tuesday” primaries, John McCain has now been restored to the position of front runner that the media gave him at the outset.

Other Republicans are jumping on his bandwagon. This may have less to do with McCain’s own qualities than with the prospect of getting Cabinet posts or Supreme Court appointments as rewards for their political support.

It may all look like a done deal. But the McCain-Kennedy bill giving amnesty to illegal aliens looked like a done deal two years ago — until the public realized the truth behind the spin and brought that sell-out to a screeching halt.

Super Tuesday may be the voters’ last chance to bring the so-called “straight talk express” to a screeching halt.

It should be called the “sell-out express” because McCain has sold out not only with amnesty for illegal aliens but also sold out the First Amendment with the McCain-Feingold “campaign finance reform” bill that was supposed to take big money out of political campaigns, but blatantly has not.

McCain also sold out on judicial nominations by making his own side deal with the Democrats, undercutting Republican attempts to stop Democrats from filibustering judicial nominees instead of voting them up or down.

This is quite a record for someone running as a straight talker.


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