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Sorry, John McCain, You Were Wrong on the Surge

Not that the average voter even has a damn clue about what the “surge” offensive was actually about, since they spend their time getting their news from the mass media and morons like Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews and those leading organizations of military strategic thought such as CODE PINK, Think Progress,, et al. Ask anyone if they read MILBLOGS and I bet you get a blank stare. Ask them if they even know what is a MILBLOG and I bet you get an even blanker stare.

The fact is the commentor RC at Protein Wisdom is exactly right. Every time I hear John McCain and his idiotic ranting about “leading the way on the surge” or whatever bullshit he peddles, I want to scream. I am really sick of his lying bullshit and pandering to the ignorant idiots of our society who don’t even know what the “surge” is.

As an only slightly OT point, I’m way past sick and tired of McCain claiming the current strategy is what he had been calling for all along. The only thing the dumbass was calling for was more troops to “lock down” Iraq. That is not at all what is going on. It may be too nuanced for Mr. Maverick but the extra troops were not sent to “lock down” anything. They were sent to provide a continuing presence in small locations to help stand up local Iraqi assets and build relationships at the sub federal level since it became obvious that clearing and handing over to Iraqi forces wouldn’t work until competent Iraqi organizations were available and they weren’t coming from centralized training fast enough to do the trick. If some of the Iraqi’s see our troops as an occupying army think of how many more actual moderate Iraqi’s would have joined any sort of resistance force if we had tried to “lock down” Iraq with more troops. For many Iraqi’s our troops have simply become members of the Amerika tribe and are allied with their tribe and country. Never could have happened under McCains “plan” (BTW, sending more troops is not a plan it’s just sending more troops). [ … ]


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