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I Want to Stand by My Conservative Principles ’Til I Die!

“Stand for something or fall for anything”. “Live for nothing or die for something”.

Just as the Democrats went from a respectable Party of Zell Miller and Joe Lieberman to then considering them both nutcases, now the Republican Party, led by McCainservatives, “moderates” and liberal Republicans are looking to purge principled Conservatives – the heart, soul and backbone of the Republican Party – from the Party.

I have two words for you people: FUCK.YOU.

I ain’t giving up and I’m fighting for this country, even if you will not. I’m not going to let you turn the Republican Party into Democrat Party-lite and have one big liberal, socialist government. Not gonna fucking happen. You can bitch all you want about us conservatives, but we’re not going away. We actually stand for something, besides political expediency and “electibility”.

You can either join us in saving this nation or feel free to sit down, shut up and get the fuck out of the way.

Keep Focused, Conservatives

[ … ] CALLER: The good old days. I was calling to tell you that McCain — I won’t go through all the reasons I won’t vote for McCain or I wouldn’t have voted for McCain or why I dislike him. We all know that. It’s been repeated over and over again. But I was listening to you talk before and whether the Republican Party is moving to from the conservative to the more moderates or the more liberal, and we watched the Democratic Party do the same thing. There used to be people like Sam Nunn and that lovely man with the Southern accent, I can’t think of his name from down South that was so well spoken in the Democratic Party, now the Democrat Party, no matter who you run, are all the same. We had a difference in our party —

RUSH: Well, there’s one exception, and that’s Joe Lieberman, except they’ve run him out of the party, for all intents and purposes, and Zell Miller, you know, they’ve —

CALLER: Zell Miller. That’s who I was trying to think of, Zell Miller.

RUSH: — made out to be a kook and a nut now.

CALLER: But we have all these moderates, or liberals — I’m going to say liberal, not even moderates, like Specter from my state, and Olympia Snowe, and all these New Englanders that are definitely liberal. They’re not just moderates, they’re liberals. And what they’re trying to do is drag down the party, and they will all be the same. Do we want to all be the same? I want to stand by my conservative principles ’til I die.

RUSH: Good for you. Good for you!

CALLER: Whatever it takes. [ … ]

RUSH: All right. Well, look, I appreciate the call. Thanks very much, going to stick to the tried-and-true principles. Interesting point, both parties moving in the same direction. Well, the Democrats are kind of holding where they are. They’re drifting further to the commie side and kookville, but there are a bunch of Republicans moving in that direction, they want the party to go more to that direction. There’s no question of the governing class, they’ll just switch parties now and then in terms of who’s in power.

John in Columbus, Ohio, nice to have you on the EIB Network, sir. Hello. [ … ]

CALLER: My question is, I’m a conservative in Ohio, now a blue state I guess since Mr. Strickland won and Sherrod Brown took over for the lying Mr. DeWine. He’s a liberal. Since we’ve lost this election cycle, who do we look forward to in the next?

RUSH: We haven’t lost it yet.

CALLER: Well, conservative-wise we have, because there’s no difference between McCain and Hillary or Obama.

RUSH: As of today, that’s true. I don’t know what’s going to happen down the road. Look, one thing I don’t do is assume in February that things today are going to be like they are in November. I just don’t. Do you realize how much could happen between now and then? I don’t even want to go through all the possibilities. You want me to be realistic in pessimism, say, okay, we’re cooked, we’re doomed, what do we look forward to, and I’m not prepared to go there yet, because what we look forward to is what we always look forward to, and that is being who we are and attempting to change our culture as best we can, stand up for our values and empower them wherever it’s possible to do so. By the way, you talk about the election cycle is over, don’t forget the House, don’t forget the Senate. The White House is one thing, but it doesn’t exist by fiat. What goes on in the White House, whatever the executive decides, does not always happen, so there’s plenty of stuff to stay focused on here and stop looking at this is a lost cause and we don’t have any possibility of anything good happening until 2012. That’s ridiculous. Lots of stuff here still ahead. You never know what’s going to happen. One of the reasons, folks, I’m so optimistic, is I love waking up every day because I don’t know what’s going to happen, and it’s always exciting. Not just in the news, in my life. I don’t know who’s going to come popping into it, wanted or not. (laughing) Getting up is the most exciting thing in the world. I certainly am not going to pretend it’s November the 20th in this year and I’m down in the dumps.


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We Grassroots and Conservatives Did NOT Break This. YOU are Responsible for This Mess

“A political party cannot be all things to all people. It must represent certain fundamental beliefs which must not be compromised to political expediency or simply to swell its numbers.”

—Ronald Reagan 1975

“Don’t give up your ideals, don’t compromise, don’t turn to expediency — and don’t, for heaven’s sake, having seen the inner workings of the watch — don’t get cynical.”

—Ronald Reagan, 1976

Here is what I stated to Rachel last night:

I’m sorry, but I am not taking the blame for our current situation. I was told to shut up when I was supporting Fred Thompson. I was told to get in line and support Rudy based on “electibility”. Then I was told to support Huckabee based on “electibility”. Now I am told to support McCain based on “electibility”. While I was focused on issues and policies and principles, everyone else was focused on “electibility”, because of their cowardice and laziness. Cowardice, because they fear Hillary and Obama and laziness, because they are obviously not willing to work for conservatism against a Hillary or Obama Presidency.

So, no, I will not take any blame for this, because I was always focused on issues and policies and conservatism, while everyone else was telling me to shut the fuck up, and vote on “electibility”. McCainservatives and “electibility” Republicans made their bed, they can fucking lie in it now.

That said, I am done with them. I am focusing my energy on Conservative Congressmen and those elections to block the liberal socialist policies of a Hillary/Obama/McCain Presidency (whoever wins). Environmental taxation for global warming reasons and amnesty will utterly destroy our economy. I, for one, am not going to sit by and let that happen. And if people don’t think McCain will be the one to enact those economy crippling policies as a Republican, they simply are not paying attention. It is HIS fucking bill in Congress right now that is set to raise gas prices and jack up energy costs. HIS.FUCKING.BILL! People need to wake up.

McCain is just as bad as Democrats, maybe worse. Because Republicans in Congress would probably be more willing to go against a Democrat President rather than a Republican President.

And here is Rush Limbaugh, not backing down. This is another amazing example of why I SO enjoy Rush Limbaugh. He gives voice to EVERYTHING I have been thinking the last few days, weeks and months of this primary campaign.

For “moderates”, liberal Republicans and McCainservatives to blame the demise of the GOP on those of us who actually stand for principles and ideas instead of “electibility”, loyalty to a political party and “Anybody But Democrats!” is the biggest example of ignorant idiocy that I have heard.

Big-Tent GOP’s Failure to Uphold Conservatism Caused This Mess

[ … ] RUSH: I’ve been doing a lot of show prep today. You know, it is amazing. Here is The Politico. Here is Kate O’Beirne and Ramesh Ponnuru at National Review Online. Here is Al Regnery in the Wall Street Journal. All over the place today are a bunch of people advising McCain on how to come across as a conservative today when he speaks at CPAC. Kate O’Beirne and Ramesh Ponnuru suggest that McCain come out and attack Democrats. (interruption) Yes, Mr. Snerdley? Question from the program observer. Yes, sir, what is it, sir? Well, nobody advises, that’s my point, nobody advises me on, A, how to be conservative, B, how to sound conservative, or, C, how to convince people I’m conservative when I’m not. I don’t consult anybody, and nobody would have the temerity to tell me how to be a conservative. What they’re telling me now is how not to be one. That’s what’s really going on. They are telling me, drop it, drop it, for the good of the so-called cause, drop it. Senator McCain, by the way, is not soliciting this. This is not my point. I’m not even speaking of Senator McCain here. All these other people, many of whom are suggesting that you and me, just forget it, come on, get on board here, are advising Senator McCain on how to be a conservative. Does that not say it all?

All of these wannabe important people are trying to figure out ways for Senator McCain to be that conservative which he has repudiated for years. You can’t miss it, National Review Online, the Wall Street Journal, the Weekly Standard, other places, “Please, John, say this. Please, Senator, do that. Please, Senator, really mean it this time.” Al Regnery, he has a good piece, “He needs to sign a no-tax pledge. He needs to sign a pledge that he won’t nominate judges like Souter, that he’ll nominate judges that have a proven record.” When you start asking somebody to sign pledges that means you don’t trust them. True. Many of these same people continue to condemn us and those of us on talk radio and conservatives generally with name-calling and mischaracterizations and so forth, and it continues today. There must be three stories where my name is, one is Washington Post, one’s Wall Street Journal, forget the third one, maybe The Guardian, three stories today where my name is the first two words of the story. (interruption) What story? Talk Show Hosts Voice Alarm at McCain, yeah, yeah, yeah. But, Snerdley, my name doesn’t lead. I’m talking about three stories where my name leads.

So, anyway, so here’s what’s happening. McCain goes to CPAC this afternoon at three o’clock, conservative wannabe is advising him how not to blow it, how to sound sincere, “Here John, say it this way, do it this way, really mean it this time, Senator,” and those same people are telling me and others in my talk show brethren how not to be what we are.


RUSH: There are still some things here that need to be addressed; based, again, on some of the things that have been said today and last night in the media. Basically the reason I want to go through this is to try to explain to those of you, why I feel the way I do, think the way I did, the reason I’ve been saying the things that I’ve been saying. It will resonate with quite a few of you, if not most of you. But I also want to lay down a marker, because I sense here that within the conservative movement, there is an attempt here to point the finger of blame. If there is failure of the Republican Party this year, to succeed in winning the presidency, they want to point the finger of blame at me and Hannity, Levin, Laura Ingraham, and all these other people on talk radio that have been singled out.

This to me is the big point. The failure of establishment Republicans — whether they be members of Congress, Washington, or New York editorial writers, even some talk show hosts who live and work and socialize in that community, the failure of these people — to uphold the principles of conservatism during the last decade or more has resulted in the mess that they now complain about. George Neumayr, writing today a column — he used to be the editor of the American Spectator — makes a great point. He said, “Once the Republican Party decided…” This was largely due to abortion, by the way. “Once the Republican Party decided to be a big-tent party, its days were numbered; its identity forever changed,” because the definition of “big tent” was to bring in people who normally would not be in the tent, that there was no litmus test anymore for the party, and this was about abortion, because the establishment, blue-blood, country club-type Republicans were always embarrassed of the evangelicals and the hardcore conservatives to whom the issue of life mattered most — and so we had to be big tent. And one of the reasons also for the big tent was to contrast ourselves with the Democrats who did have litmus tests.

But their litmus tests were aimed at maintaining the originality and the purity or whatever, the solidness of liberalism, and they didn’t want it watered down, and they didn’t want to let conservatives in. They didn’t even want to let Bob Casey, the pro-life Democrat governor of Pennsylvania even address their convention back in 1992. Yet because Republicans felt all defensive and we felt all ashamed, and we were being shamed by the media, we adopted this “big-tent” strategy, and the big-tent strategy effectively eliminated the three legs of the conservative stool I’ve been telling you about: fiscal, foreign policy, cultural. Once in a while we allowed those legs of the stool to be whittled down and others added to the stool. Neumayr’s point is: Hey, Republicans have only themselves to blame here — and he’s got a point. But who is to blame for this? If you want to assign blame, if you want to talk about it in terms of blame you can say, “Okay, how did it happen?” And that’s what I’m telling you. The failure of establishment Republicans — whether they’re a member of Congress, Washington or New York editorial writers; even some talk show hosts who live and work and socialize in that community — to uphold conservative principles during the last decade or more, has resulted in the mess that they are now complaining about.

They are complaining about us failing to join them as they have changed the party, as they have watered it down. This confusion, this mess — contrary to the take of the Drive-By Media — that conservatism, slash, Republican Partyism finds itself in today, is a reaction to the establishment Republicans who have ignored conservative principles and watered down their party for the last decade or more and their failures. This mess has resulted from them and their failures and their false promises. These very same people now who were the big-tent guys, which resulted in — and, by the way, I’m all for big tent, but you bring people in as us; not as them. Don’t misunderstand. There’s nothing exclusionary about me. You want to expand the party? I’m all for it. It’s what we’ve been trying to do here, in fact, with conservatism! Now, these very same people now who sought to expand the party by essentially marginalizing conservatives and bringing in their buddies (the moderates, the independents, even some liberals) are now demanding that the people they took for granted — us, and the evangelicals and so forth — continue to follow them, continue to be swayed by their demeaning and condescending lectures.

Dorothy Rabinowitz of the Wall Street Journal editorial board has referred to talk radio as semipsychotic, something like that. So we now have to listen to those who write today, say, “Here’s what we need to do to get ourselves back in the fold. This is what McCain needs to do to make sure conservatives think he’s conservative.” It wasn’t that long ago… You know, like Bill Bennett. Bill Bennett is one of the guys who wrote today in the National Review Online listing various reasons why McCain is worthy of support, conservative reasons and so forth. But, remember, it wasn’t that long ago Bill Bennett was part of the open borders crowd. In 1987, he and Jack Kemp slammed Pete Wilson on Prop 187. Remember Prop 187 in California was a proposition that overwhelmingly was supported by the people of California. They were fed up with tax increases to pay for education, medical care, health care insurance, and so forth, for the children of illegal immigrants. You know, that’s how long this has been simmering. Now, Bill — who is a really good friend of mine — is a leader in border security. He’s changed his mind on this and wants us to accept McCain.

I’m not trying to pick on a single person here. I’m just saying that there are people who have been all over the ballpark in this party, and they come back and go forth and they change positions and so forth, and they’re now trying to tell us — who have been consistent all these years — that we need to somehow now moderate for the good of whatever. But the truth is that none of this, despite all the media writing about it and media talking about it and televising it, this isn’t about me. It’s not about Rush Limbaugh. It’s not about any single person. The same time people in Washington and New York who like to write op-eds and editorials to themselves to show how smart they are and how in touch they are, are missing what’s going on here. I don’t control. I want everybody in the Drive-Bys and liberals to listen to this. I don’t control the real disaffection conservatives are feeling for the Republican Party and for Washington in general. I don’t control that. This isn’t some manufactured view that people didn’t hold and all of a sudden they do because I have been saying it. This isn’t some view that’s turned on or off by me, or other talk show hosts. This is a result of years of contempt of the grassroots; years of negotiating, false promises, pseudo-conservatism here and there; a primary system put in place by the party and state parties intended to quickly choose a nominee, which benefits a Washington insider, on and on and on and on.


RUSH: Another way to look at what’s happening here, to put it in relevant terms — and look, I acknowledge the fight that’s taking place in the Republican Party. It’s one of ideas. I’m going to continue to address this here today. This is irrelevant to Romney pulling out, if he does; to McCain being the presumptive nominee. This is about the riff: How it came about, who’s going to get blame for it — and that’s where I eventually am headed here. Because I’m going to tell you something, folks: what’s happening in our party today is not only do the establishment Republicans want amnesty for illegal immigrants, they want amnesty for Democrats. They want punishment… Well, they don’t want punishment, but they want to try to humiliate, manipulate, whatever, us; to join them as they destroy the concept of the three-legged stool of conservatism. I think, especially now since Romney is going to get out, it still says “could withdraw during the speech.” There are three Republican sources that TIME Magazine has says he’s going to suspend the campaign. So let’s assume it’s true, and makes McCain the presumptive nominee. He was the presumptive nominee before this as Romney’s imminent withdrawal indicates. But therefore it’s up to Senator McCain to demonstrate leadership here, not browbeat people into following him out of fear or loathing for Hillary Clinton.

You realize, this is what they’re counting on? They’re counting on a reunification, or unification of the party based on fear and loathing of Hillary — and it may not even be Hillary when all is said and done. It may end up being Obama. And you can’t gin up fear and loathing of Obama. You just can’t do it. If somebody tries to gin up fear and loathing of Obama, it isn’t going to work. They’re going to have a tough time criticizing Obama because, as Republicans, you start criticizing the first black presidential nominee and you’re going to be tagged with racism by the Drive-By Media. I don’t care what. So it’s going to be kid gloves time if Obama gets it. You can’t rely on the fear and loathing of Hillary, especially at this stage to unify the party. Besides, it already exists! To try to drum something up that already exists, is a waste of time. Leadership is a little bit more than being the anti-Hillary. That’s the minimum that we expect. And all of our candidates fit that bill. A leader, folks, is someone who — by his own convictions, personality, and vision — can unite a party, a movement, a country behind him. Do you see instead what is happening? The leader of the party is not being told or it’s not being said of him, that he will unify.

It’s up to those of us who have problems with what’s happening in the party to put our problems aside, our differences aside, and join up. This is the exact opposite of leadership. Leadership, on its own, unites a party or a movement or a country. It’s not up to me or anybody else to unify the Republican Party, much to the Drive-By Media’s exasperation. These are not my jobs. This is not our purpose. I’d be happy to tackle it, but that’s not what happens here. I’m not the candidate. It’s the candidates’ jobs to unify a party, a movement, a country behind him. These talking point op-eds and editorials are no substitute for the candidate demonstrating leadership, and how much leadership can be there when there are all these advice pieces out there for Senator McCain on what to say and how to say it today at CPAC? By the way, telling people they’ve never served in the military, or that private enterprise and working for profit is bad, or that anybody who disagrees with him on campaign finance reform is corrupt, or that anybody who disagrees with him on amnesty must be racist and so forth, those are not leadership qualities. Senator McCain has not demonstrated leadership qualities, and he’s not doing so now. The onus is on those who disagree to come board. The onus is on leadership to lead.

When you demean and smear the people whose support you need down the road, it’s human nature that they’re going to remember the personal insults and the abuse that you heaped on them not that long ago. You call them nativists and racists and so forth, insult the people personally, call them corrupt if you oppose abridging the First Amendment — campaign finance reform. You call ’em deniers, if you don’t buy into the hoax of manmade global warming. Ronald Reagan never spoke this way. He wouldn’t have spoken this way, and he didn’t speak this way; he was a leader. So the establishment Republicans have their work cut out for them. They can continue to attack the grassroots (that’s you); they can pretend this primary shows that you have no influence, or they and their candidate can start to act like mature and seasoned, intelligent adults who will try to find a way to repair the damage they have done to the party and the conservative movement. How in the world can conservatives who have stayed loyal to conservative principles and concepts, be blamed for what’s happened to the Republican Party? The people that have made the mess of the Republican Party are those who have attempted to expand it by including liberals and independents and Democrats so as to marginalize conservatives. And all of a sudden it’s our fault. No, sir!

And that’s the purpose of the monologue here today is to set down a marker, that this debacle continues and happens in November, I’m not going to sit here and get the blame for it by these people who are trying to shove it on me and others in talk radio. What I am saying here, folks, is that the responsibility for fixing what’s broken belongs to those who broke it. We grassroots and conservatives did not break this. Yet we are being told that we are responsible for breaking it. We did not break this! They, those who broke it, do not accept that it is their responsibility. So they’re lashing out and digging themselves into a bigger hole with the people who they’ve already turned off. It is important, folks, to understand here that we have to put the responsibility for this debacle back on them, so that we are not blamed for this months from now. They can try. We put our marker down now where it needs to be. Let me put this as simply as I can so that even David Brooks, from the New York Times, can understand. It is the Republican establishment that has taken the grassroots and conservatives for granted and has misled it for many years now; that is responsible for what’s going on today, and what will happen in November.

The establishment of the Republican Party has let the Republican Party slide. You’ve used conservatives when you needed them. You’ve not led; you’ve not kept your promises, and now you’re promoting a candidate who spent years leading the effort to marginalize the party and demean conservatives in a host of critical issues! You establishment Republicans created this mess. You created this scenario, and your tactics today — with the name-calling and the demeaning of the base, which is really why you’re attacking talk radio. When you attack me, you attack my audience. When you attack Levin and Hannity and Ingraham, you’re attacking their audiences. You’re attacking the base of the party. It’s going to backfire on you, and you’ll have yourselves to blame. Until you accept responsibility for what you’ve done and are doing to this party and take significant steps… Why do you think the Democrats are so happy to see what you guys are doing to the party? And why do we never see this happening to the Democrats themselves? You’re going to be responsible for the election if you don’t fix this. You establishment Republicans are going to be responsible for the election of a Hillary Clinton or a Barack Obama. It will not be us who are responsible. It will not be talk radio. It will be you.

Again, I look at all of these conservatives writing about how McCain can convince conservatives to vote for him. I guess they’re acknowledging that he’s not a conservative in his own right. Phil Gramm, a McCain supporter, said, “I want to make the point that a lot of conservatives are coming home to McCain, but some aren’t. Some just don’t seem to understand that if they don’t do this it’s going to hurt the party for a long time. They say they have principles, but some of it’s their ego and power, too. They’re well known and they’re used to having power.” It is they who crave power. It is the establishment Republicans who are trying to get power back at the party level from the grassroots who they have been embarrassed of for so long. I know. After Senator McCain and his team have said, “Yeah, we’re going to reach out to these people, they can’t stop insulting us.” This is what Graham said. “Some conservatives aren’t coming home. Some just don’t seem to understand that if they don’t do this, it’s going to hurt the party for a long time.” This is 180 degrees out of phase. We have to continue to compromise what made this party great and what made it a majority party. We have to compromise with these people who have changed it and altered it, in order for them to be able to acquire and seek their power. This is the kind of statement, the kind of thing that I’m talking about here. They’re going to try to shift the blame on all of us when this debacle in November happens, if it does, and we’re just setting down a marker here.


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