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These are the Geniuses That are Pulling the Republican Party and the Movement Over the Cliff

The Left has called me a “Bush-bot” for supporting policies in which I agree with the President. They have also accused me of “drinking the Kool-Aid” when I explained to them why I supported such policies. They also call me stupid and programmed for enjoying listening to Rush Limbaugh. I am a neo-con, right-wing warmonger, right-wing nutjob, extremist Christianist, fascist. I was not a principled man, an intelligent individual thinker, a logical person. I was an idiot who was brainwashed by the government and Rush Limbaugh.

Now, the Right is calling me a communist, a Stalinist, a Maoist and comparable to the North Vietnamese. I am not a principled man, an intelligent individual thinker and a logical person for recognizing and warning people about the liberal socialism of John McCain. Nope. I am now the enemy.

I have gotten accustomed to the insanity, illogic and rabid intolerance of the Left. But to now see it coming from the Right, from people I formerly respected. To now have these people, who called themselves “conservatives”, now consider a principled conservative person to be the enemy.

Simply baffling.

But, as Rush states, these actions by the Left and the Right say more about them than they do about us. As he says, we shouldn’t take it personally. But it is depressing nonetheless.

You Can’t Take it Personally, Folks


[ … ]

RUSH: These guys are going to say that. The political class has to join hands. The political class is always going to unite behind the nominee. I don’t take this stuff personally. (interruption) Snerdley asks, “Doesn’t this bother you, all these people repudiating you?” No! This is not a personal repudiation. I don’t take it that way. I learned long ago, folks, I really don’t care what it is in life, if you start taking things personally, you’re doomed. If you think that everything that happens negatively to you or the people say about you is personal, you know what I’ve learned? It took me a long time to learn this. But most of the time when people start ripping you, they’re really telling you more about themselves than they are you. Snerdley can’t believe I’m not outraged and angry by this. No! I take none of this personally. This is all a business. These people are doing what they have to do. (interruption) What was that, Dawn? What did you say? (interruption) Yeah, that’s true. I have so many friends who take all this stuff personally for me. They get so mad, get so outraged. My buddy Mark Levin, I can’t tell you. Every time he reads a rip of me, he sends me a note planning his response attack (laughs) and I appreciate it. Maybe it’s because I know I got all of you taking it personally for me that I have the freedom not to. But in this case, what’s the president going to do? The president of the United States is not going to come out and oppose the nominee of his own party. Boehner is not going to do that, either. So I do not, Mr. Snerdley, take this as a personal repudiation whatsoever. Here, let’s move on. CNN Reliable Sources, Howard Kurtz of the Washington Post.

KURTZ: I interviewed Rush Limbaugh about this question last week, and asked him whether it was right for the media to cast a McCain victory as a defeat for Rush Limbaugh since he obviously was suggesting that Mitt Romney was the far superior candidate. On his radio program, he read what he said to me. Let’s listen.

RUSH ARCHIVE: “‘My success is not determined by who wins elections,’ Limbaugh said. ‘Elected officials come and go, I’m here for as long as I wish to stay. The media never applies this template to anyone else in the media, not to anyone in cable news, not to any of the endorsements of the major newspapers. Why are the New York Times and the Washington Post not asked about the setback they both suffered when George Bush beat both their endorsed candidates in 2000 and 2004?'”

RUSH: And then Kurtz said to Michelle Cottle of the New Republic, “So is it a little simplistic for those of us in the press to say, ‘Well, Limbaugh is a loser here because McCain’s winning?'”

COTTLE: I actually think he’ll be a winner in terms of it will give him something to talk about and complain about for the next four years. But as far as like getting his policy… You know, as far as being a kingmaker, sure, it makes him look a little bad or a little worn around the edges. But, hey, his ratings should be good if there’s a McCain presidency.

RUSH: (sigh) Tsk, tsk. Don’t take this personally. I have resigned myself to the fact that people in the Drive-Bys are never going to change. I could meet with them individually. I could meet with each individual Drive-By reporter. I could give them an hour. (I know they’ll all call.) I can explain the business model of the program. I can explain my philosophy of broadcasting. I could define my definition of success in a whole bunch of different ways. If what I said did not fit their narrative and template, they won’t even hear it. On next to Jim Geraghty, who is a guest on this show. He’s from National Review Online. Kurtz said, “Jim, I think we may be falling into the trap of saying, ‘Well, these people only have clout if they can influence elections.’ They’re not political leaders. They’re people who to some degree reflect what their listeners believe — they’re obviously playing to their base — who try to have an impact but also try to educate, maybe move their listeners to a certain degree, but they’re not running for office.”

GERAGHTY: Look, Rush would be the first person to tell you his listeners are not mind-numbed robots. There’s a certain degree of irony to the term Dittohead. They are looking for a voice who will represent what they believe, who could be a conservative voice, but they’re not saying, “Rush, tell me who to vote for.” Been listening for — Rush Limbaugh’s audience is about 13, 20 million. Sixty-two million Americans voted for George W. Bush.

KURTZ: Right.

GERAGHTY: There are a lot of Republicans out there who don’t listen to Rush Limbaugh.

RUSH: (laughs) That’s from the friendly National Review Online.


RUSH: Back to the audio sound bites. This is Sunday, Fox News Channel’s You Decide 2008. The anchor Eric Shawn says this about Senator McCain.

SHAWN: John McCain has faced a variety of enemies and rivals — the North Vietnamese, some Democrats and Republicans, and now there’s the nation’s biggest talk show radio host. They’ve been lined up against him. Rush Limbaugh says his election will destroy the Republican Party.

RUSH: And there you have it. On Fox News I have just been compared to the North Vietnamese. It’s a great day, folks, and we are surpassing, we’re going beyond all the previously established boundaries here. Ross Mackenzie — and I assume that this is the Richmond Times-Dispatch. Ross Mackenzie is the retired editor of the editorial pages, and he had a piece yesterday, and let me just read to you a brief couple of paragraphs from the piece. “The ultimate ideologues of the 20th century were perhaps the Soviet and Maoist communists, who promulgated the party or dialectical line — however constant or variable. Movement by anyone away from the line — the decreed norm — was deemed deviationism, and deviationists, if incapable of ‘re-education,’ were read out of the movement, sent to the gulag, or shot.” In this paragraph, Ross Mackenzie compares me and James Dobson and Sean Hannity and all the others to the Maoists and Soviet ideologues.

“Early contemporary conservatism, emphatically not an ideology, was a big-tent affair with room for everyone embracing certain key principles, no matter how wacky some of the consequent views might be. No one dictated acceptable positions on any issue. The effort of some ‘conservatives’ to reject John McCain as a deviationist from their decreed line — to judge him by their litmus tests that (in their minds) he fails — attests to a 20-year ideologization of the Republican Party’s puristic wing. But what about McCain-Feingold, immigration, torture, McCain’s participation in the ‘Gang of 14,’ his early votes against the Bush tax cuts?” So on Fox News, I’m compared to the North Vietnamese, who held McCain prisoner. Mackenzie to a Maoist, Stalinist bunch of ideologues. You see, folks, when this all comes shattering down, if it does, there’s going to be guys like this who are going to be to blame for it. They’re going to try to blame all of us, but it isn’t going to flow, it isn’t going to fly, because they’re the ones who have seen to it that there has been no consistent devotion to principle here. They’ve allowed them to become watered down. This is nuts now, some of these people with their moronic comparisons with communism and us.

Me, a communist? We’re now hard-line ideologues? Bill Bennett compared us to Trotskyites. Now this Mackenzie guy compares us to Maoists. I need to go out and get a Mao hat. You know, a little Mao jacket? Hillary’s got these. She wears them. She wears Mao-type jackets. She doesn’t wear the hat, but I’m sure I could find one and put a little red star on it or something. (laughing) Michaele at the website will do it. Michaele will put me in a Mao uniform. And then put me in a North Vietnamese prison camp, and then dress me up like Stalin to illustrate how I am being characterized by people who call themselves conservatives. But keep this in mind, too, folks. While today I am a Maoist, a Stalinist, a North Vietnamese prison guard, when I supported Bush, we were all Bush sycophants. We were putting party before principles. Remember, they’d give us all kind of grief for supporting President Bush on a number of things. They said you’re just a lap dog. You’re just an apologist for Bush. I’m telling you, these are the geniuses that are pulling the party and the movement over the cliff. They have rallied behind the most liberal candidate and the weakest candidate we could have nominated, and they’re trying to act like that hasn’t happened, and they’re blaming me, while they’re out there trying to convince everybody how conservative he is and reminding him how to be conservative before CPAC. By the way, speaking of CPAC, they had a straw poll vote there. You know who won the straw poll vote at CPAC? Romney. This is before the McCain people bought up half the house for his speech.



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