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Barack Obama Supporters Idolize Terrorist Mass Murderer

Hopefully most people are well aware of this by now, but, just in case…

Video: Campaign office decor of the day!

Che Guevara Flags in Obama’s Houston Office

Outside the Beltway and Off the Rails

Facts: Barack Obama did explicitly refuse to wear a flag pin, and there are not one, but two Cuban flags with Che Guevara on them at Obama’s Houston campaign office.

If I’m “insinuating” anything, it’s this: when you actively pander to and encourage the radical leftist elements of your party, as the Democrats have been determinedly doing for the past eight years, you’re going to end up with embarrassing scenes like this.

And attacking the messenger who points it out is standard political damage control.

Obama Responds to Che Guevara Flag Flap

Where to buy a Che-Cuba flag

So we have racist pastor of the Trinity United Church of Christ, radical Islamist Louis Farrahkan, radical sharia- and jihad-supporting Raila Odinga in Kenya and now radical terrorist mass murderer Che Guevera among the many admirers of the Obama campaign.

And this man is set to be the Democrat Nominee for President of the United States of America. Because, afterall, he talks about hope, change and unity… and change, unity and hope… and unity, hope and change. And he’s Black. Oh and don’t forget Obama Girl. All those add up to make him qualified for President of the United States of America. So it’s all good.

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