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Berkeley, CA Communists vs United States Marines & Supporters

The sad state of our country: Berkeley Marines Protest

Apparently, “Mak[ing] Out, Not War” (and, of course, getting abortions after that making out inevitably turns to sex and unwanted pregnancy among the high school teens) will stop Islamofascism. I seem to recall that people making out all across America stopped Hitler and helped us win WWII, so it makes sense to adopt that strategy in this war also. Oh wait…


February 16, 2008 , 8:55PM - Posted by | Berkeley, Bush Derangement Syndrome, CODE PINK, Communism, Leftist Groups, Liberalism, US Marines

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  1. jOIN THE BOYCOTT of california products at the- bring berkeley to its knees blog. the city council ignores the thousands of emails it has been sent, as liberals do. wines, fruits and vegatables represent a multi-billion dollar industry, with much of the money going to the berkeley area.

    Comment by berkeleycitycouncil | February 26, 2008 , 11:25AM

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