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John McCain: Hillary Has Good Character, is Honest and Has Integrity

So I am a racist for wanting the laws of my own country to be enforced, but Hillary Clinton is honest, has good character and has integrity.  Well, Senator McCain, I shall take from your example and tell you how I feel about you: FUCK.OFF.  That goes double for the McCainservatives telling me I am the problem in this country because I don’t support this guy.  You all can fuck off too, as you have driven me right out of politics.  You all can take your self-righteousness, your derision and your condescension and shove it up your asses.  Have fun trying to win elections when you treat people like utter crap.John McCain Endorses Hillary’s “Good Character, Honesty, Integrity”

Via Michelle Malkin: 

John McCain is incapable of disagreeing with strict immigration enforcement activists without lambasting their character, honesty, and integrity. We’re “nativists” and Jim Crow-style racists who should just “f**k” off. He couldn’t help sneering at former GOP rival Mitt Romney’s business experience as dishonorable and greedy. And his personal vindictiveness toward GOP Hill staffers who have opposed his positions is well-known.

Contrast this treatment of people in his own party with McCain’s treatment of his supposed ideological opposite, Hillary Clinton. Yesterday, McCain was asked about his comment three years ago that Hillary would make a “good president.” If his explanation of the remarks to George Stephanopoulous is supposed to “calm down” conservatives, the McCain camp is 1) more out of touch with reality than I imagined, and 2) hurtling towards a repeat of the 1996 Dole/Kemp disaster faster than I imagined. When Hillary’s Democrat rival, Barack Obama, is doing a better job of attacking the ethically-challenged, truth-challenged, integrity-challenged Clintons than the GOP presidential front-runner, we are in deep doo-doo.

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