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The Shitbags of Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW)

I am pretty sure that I have posted perviously on the jackasses of the politically active anti-American-involvement-in-war group Iraq Veterans against the War (IVAW).  And I was fairly certain that pretty much everyone knew they were a bunch of shitbags, since they have been exposed time and time again all over the MILBLOGS for the past couple years.  But, after reading War Dog’s recent post (“The Iraq Veterans Against the War: Their Reasons: Samo Samo“), it seems some ignorant peace hippies are still clueless.  

So, I am reposting what I posted over there at War Dog’s blog for everyone’s reference.

By the way, the clueless hippies that commented on War Dog’s post are the reason why I don’t take any leftists here on MySpace seriously.  When they don’t get the basic facts correct, there is no point to listening to them.  Painting peace signs on their faces, putting up pretty psychodelic colors all over their websites and having all the sex they can manage does not do a damn thing to stop evil in this world and change it for the better.  But good luck trying to explain that to them…

War Dog – You may want to direct your hippy readers who think the IVAW is a trustworthy group to the following military blogger sites. The IVAW has been found wanting (to say the least):

Blackfive reports on the scumbags of IVAW

Greyhawk at Mudville Gazette: The IVAW Shitbags

IVAW – Winter Soldier II

There is much, much more on this scumbags, but I shall leave you with this, from Greyhawk:

Greyhawk at Mudville Gazette: Phony Soldiers and Otherwise

The IVAW is a collection of shitbags

Given that the idea of former American troops becoming political party activists or expressing opposition to the war in Iraq really doesn’t bother me (though I’ll freely counter any false claims they might make in that capacity) I guess I should explain why I refer to the IVAW sh1tb@gs as IVAW sh!tb@gs.

Simple – while ostensibly “anti-war”, the IVAW sh!tb@gs actually spend their time and energy accusing American soldiers of committing endless atrocities in Iraq and insisting that said atrocities are condoned and covered up by the US military. (See this link for details – and don’t even bother arguing this point.) Regardless of what IVAW claims it is – that is what IVAW actually is. (To the point that Jesse MacBeth was a welcome and unquestioned addition – but that’s another story…)

But (you might ask) given that abu Ghraib proves that American soldiers are capable of heinous treatment of the enemy in time of war, shouldn’t such accusations be taken seriously?


In fact, that’s what disgusts me the most about the IVAW sh!tb@gs. In the abu Ghraib case, one soldier in the unit involved was outraged by his fellow soldiers’ actions – and he came forward through proper military channels to get it stopped, investigated, and prosecuted. Don’t be confused by the myth CBS drummed up when one of the guilty parties sent Mary Mapes his photo collection – the Army, not CBS, put an end to the actions of the soldiers at abu Ghraib. But (ironically due in part to the success of CBS in propagated that mythical version of the abu Ghraib story) the IVAW crowd is able to get away with claiming they were unable to get their chains of command to act against the atrocities they claim were perpetrated by themselves and their fellow troops.

Of course, listen carefully to their atrocity tales today and you’ll find they don’t actually specify exactly who did what and when – just vague stories of “soldiers” or “officers” or “units” that rampaged through Iraq leaving nothing but dead babies in their wake. (Under “orders” or “policy”.)

This leaves us with only two conclusions regarding the IVAW –

1. They are telling the truth but are covering up for the actual people who committed, ordered, or covered up those atrocities.
2. They are lying.

Whichever the case may be, I know the military will respond to any actual actions on the part of soldiers – see “abu Ghraib” for example.

There may be some IVAW sh!tb@gs who are in my category one above. They are cowards, at best, and criminals, too. They disgust me more than those in cat two. But they are all, at best, shitbags.

If you should ever meet one of these gutless freaks, make him name names.

We who’ve served honorably in Iraq shouldn’t have to live with their lies, or wait 40 years for the truth.


Also, War Dog, I encourage you to link to Blackfive and Mudville Gazette and encourage your hippy readers to read those sites and debate those soldiers on the topics. It is pretty obvious after reading through some of the comments here from the hippies that they are completely ignorant to facts (ie, 650,000 Iraqi civilian deaths in Iraq was debunked months and months ago, not to mention that anyone paying attention has known that the IVAW are anti-military scumbags for quite a while now). I also encourage people to read Flopping Aces and Op-For.

Here are the links for easy access:


Mudville Gazette:

Flopping Aces:


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