AmeriCAN-DO Attitude

Are you an AmeriCAN or an AmeriCAN'T?

All Across America, Idiots are Chanting: Hope! Change! Oh-Bah-Mah!

This is just ridiculous: Creepiest Celebrity Endorsement Ever

We live in the most prosperous nation in the history of the world. We live in the most properous nation with the best healthcare and best anything in the world right now. Yet, people out there still need “hope” and want “change” from this?

I’m at a complete loss. I think I now may have something in common with people with BDS. BDS sufferers are the type who, once they find out you are a supporter of President Bush, immediately lose all respect for you. That’s how I feel about Barack Obama supporters. At least the ones who cannot tell me anything about the man, except to chant “Hope! Change! Oh-Bah-Mah!”

How does a Presidential candidate who, along with his wife, espouses nothing, but rhetoric about how America sucks, inspire people?


March 1, 2008 , 1:16PM - Posted by | 2008 Presidential Election, Barack Obama

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