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Perception (America Sucks!) is Reality

“Perception is Reality” in politics.

That is something a friend of mine told me a while back when we were discussing politics and I was getting frustrated with his constant claims that we were losing in Iraq. I kept telling him that the facts on the ground say otherwise and he kept replying that it doesn’t matter, “perception is reality”. Meaning that if the mass media and the Democrats could successfully propagandize the perception that Iraq was a ‘failure’, that would be the reality of Iraq in the minds of the America public. At the time, I was pissed, but after further thought on that idea, I had to admit that he was right. Unfortunately, most of the American public gets their ‘reality’ on issues from the mass media. Whatever the mass media tells them is ‘reality’, that is their ‘reality’, facts be damned.

The mass media and the Democrats have successfully created a reality of ‘failure’ in Iraq in the minds of the ignorant and apathetic American public and now they are working to do the same with the state of the American economy.

What I cannot understand is why this propaganda is working. It is one thing for people to get duped about the war effort in Iraq, something which does not really affect the majority of the American public on a personal level. But it is quite another for people to be duped when they have their own personal experience on the issue.

All the measures of our economy show that it is doing just fine. We are going through some of the best prosperity in our history as a nation. Even people who are considered ‘poor’ are better off than any other nation on earth and better than any other time in history.

It seems like we have become so accustomed to prosperity, that we now consider only being able to afford a $20,000 car instead of a $40,000 car to be ‘poor’ and ‘oppressed’. We have completely lost our sense of perspective, based upon the past 2 decades of prosperity. And the Democrats, with presidential candidate Barack Obama leading the charge, are working to take advantage of this perception that America’s economy is bad:

AUSTIN, Texas – Democrat Barack Obama rejected President Bush’s claim that the country isn’t headed for a recession, and slammed the economic policies followed by both Bush and Republican contender John McCain.

Things are getting worse, not better, and the country stands “on the brink of a recession,” the Illinois senator and front-runner for the Democratic nomination said Thursday.

Obama blamed a “failure of leadership” in Washington, implying McCain was part of that failed leadership.

First of all, last I checked, Barack Obama has been a United States Senator since 2004. So he is part of that “failed leadership”, since the United States Congress is responsible for the taxing of the American people and the spending of that tax money. So I don’t know how he can go around the country blaming everyone else for something of which he has been a part for the past 3 years.

Also, the President and Republicans worked to get something done about Social Security and the Democrats blocked them at every turn. Meanwhile, those same Democrats promised to stop earmarks and pork spending and have done nothing of the sort since the American public gave them the majority in both Houses of Congress in 2006. So if Barack Obama wants to talk about “failure of leadership”, he needs to point that finger at himself and his fellow Democrats as well.

Then we have a little more perspective from “wardmama4” and “EvaTheFrisbeeDog” at Sweetness & Light. You can always tell the difference between someone who votes Democrat and someone who votes Republican and between someone who holds fiscally socialist views and someone who holds fiscally conservative views: the latter use facts to back up the fact that our nation is doing well, while the former play on emotions and use rhetoric to say that our country sucks ass:

February 29th, 2008 at 8:54 am

[ … ]

Lowest un-employment rates in decades
Highest DOW rate in decades
Fastest recovery from 9/11 possible
Two Wars being managed and Won in double quick time (really if you think about it)
94% of the mortgages (even yes, the sub prime ones) are being paid fine
More Americans actually owning their own [homes] than in previous decades

All this with a Congress that has been partisan, earmarking bills to death, and fighting the Administration since 11AM on September 11, 2001 –

Go anywhere, at certain times at anytime – you will find an industry, population or group that is struggling – that is to be expected – weather, tastes, tech improvements etc all contribute to such variances.

It is reality and attempting to blame it all on one Administration – and attempting to pretend that with a wave of your magic hand you can fix it all is stupid. And I am not that stupid.

Maybe they could start fixing things by vowing to end earmarks and pork projects – oh wait they did and they still sneak them in under the dark of night. Which means it is going to keep on keeping on.

February 29th, 2008 at 3:27 pm

wm4 —

Since the Democrats have finally recognized that we have an economy, I wonder if they give any credit for the past 50 months of job growth and GDP expansion.

On FNC last night the panelists on Brit Hume were talking about the “recession” — one problem: we’re not in a recsession. At least not according to the latest economic data (Q4 +0.6% GDP) and what most economists agree are the requirements of a recession, i.e. two consecutive quarters of GDP contraction.

I get into discussions of politics at work on a daily basis with coworkers, both with those who share my conservative views and those who do not. What amazes me is that there are so many people who subscribe to the viewpoint that our country and our economy have been destroyed by the Bush Administration. When I bring up the facts and rattle off all the good things, the usual response I get is that those are all just smoke and mirrors and the government is not calculating the numbers correctly or some other such theory to back up their claim that the country and the economy sucks. I just don’t get it. Just look at the facts. They cannot be denied.

I just don’t get the pessimism and negativity of a lot of people. Here we are in the greatest nation in the history of the world, with the most prosperity of any nation in the world and the most popular Presidential candidate is running on a campaign of “America sucks” and needs to be “fixed” and “changed” with socialism/Marxism.

Granted, maybe this perception that I have is not the reality of what the majority of the American people are thinking. Hopefully they really are not this ignorant and pessimistic that they believe we must “change” America from the most prosperous in history with capitalism to a nation of socialism and Marxism. Especially when socialism and Marxism has a long documented history of failure. Real failure, not just the perception of failure people have of America now.


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