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Newsflash: Guys Treat Promiscuous Women Like Tramps

Yeah, big surprise, I know. But, amazingly enough, there are some people out there to whom this is actually a new revelation.

But, that is the result of “do me” feminism, which has been taught to females and males in American society for decades now.

Via Steven M. Wawshawsky in The American Thinker: The Spitzer sex scandal and ’do me’ feminism

The major news media are covering the Eliot Spitzer prostitution scandal in increasing detail. But a few items from the original court complaint are worth highlighting:

First, the complaint (at para. 25) recounts an e-mail conversation between one of the madams of the Emperors Club VIP and a potential prostitute who decided not to go to work for the agency. In the e-mail, the young woman remarks how a friend of hers recently had completed her first job for the agency at a rate of $500 per hour. After noting that this was the kind of money the young woman “make[s] very easily in photoshoots” (porn?), the young woman said that she was a “little bit shock[ed] and confuse[d]” by the fact that her friend had sex with the client twice in one hour – without the client “taking her out to dinner before.”

Now, I seriously doubt that this young woman’s friend was in need of a good meal. So what the young woman really is saying is that she was “shocked” and “confused” that her friend – a prostitute, remember – was not offered even the most basic rudiments of “romance” before doing the deed with her client. This is truly sad. This debauched and degraded young woman, who was considering joining a prostitution service – and have sex with complete strangers “to make extra money” – nevertheless believed that there should be at least some romance in the transaction. In other words, despite treating herself as a nameless, faceless commodity, she wanted her johns to treat her as a “lady” deserving of tenderness and respect.

Newsflash: Most men do not treat prostitutes, and promiscuous women in general, as ladies deserving of tenderness and respect. They treat them like tramps. Something inside this young woman understands this. Yet I strongly suspect that she subscribes to the tenets of modern “do me feminism” (see here), which holds that sexual promiscuity in women is a form of equality, empowerment, and self-actualization. This is the sexual ideology that is relentlessly inculcated in young people in schools and colleges, and “glamorously” portrayed on TV and in the movies. It is best illustrated, perhaps, by the TV show Sex and the City, not to mention the tabloid exploits of so many of today’s young starlets. See Carol Platt Liebau’s critique of “do me feminism” here.

Another passage in the Emperors Club VIP complaint (para. 32) paints a rather less glamorous picture of the life of a “high-class” call girl, however. This passage recounts a conversation among the operators of the agency about a prostitute who had missed an appointment and who had sent them a “crazy” e-mail message. The operators of the agency “discussed the possibility that the prostitute was on drugs,” and decided they “could not do business with the prostitute the way she was acting.” One of the operators then remarked: “A lot of these girls deteriorate to this point.” In other words, many of the prostitutes, even those who are paid thousands of dollars per hour, end up blitzing their minds on drugs.

Why would that be, if, as so many liberal commentators have argued, these are “victimless” transactions among “consenting adults”? Perhaps because there is something deeply, innately offensive to female self-identity to be a tramp. That’s why for most of human history, prostitution has been seen as an act of desperation, humiliating to the woman and man alike (albeit with fewer physical and psychological ramifications for the man). It is an act that debases a woman’s character and integrity, however much she is paid. And as Governor Spitzer surely is learning, it destroys the love, trust, and stability of family life.

It is not a respectable way for pretty girls to make some extra cash.

I’ll close with a timely bit of news:

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is reporting that, based .. gathered in 2003 and 2004, approximately 50 percent of U.S. girls aged 14-19 have had sexual intercourse. Of these, 40 percent have a sexually transmitted disease. The rate is 48 percent for black girls. Overall, it is estimated that approximately 26 percent of all U.S. girls aged 14-19 are infected with an STD. 26 percent! While liberals decry the lack of “safe sex” education and free condom distribution, these results are to be expected in any society that encourages immature and irresponsible children to engage in promiscuous sex. Which is precisely what we have been doing in this country for several decades.

Go ahead and call me a prude or a scold, but all I can say is that I am thoroughly disgusted.


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