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Why It is Important to Emphasize Barack HUSSEIN Obama

Great comment left by prisoner105 at LIBERTAS:

Phoenix — emphasizing Barack Hussein Obama’s middle name IS important and SHOULD be done for a variety of reasons.

First, the PC police tell us not to. That’s as good a reason as any. As a free man I can do and say as I please. No thought police for me.

Second, it tells us who and what he is. He himself made much of it, in his announcement (that his middle name was Hussein and therefore it will make Muslims/foreigners love us). If he himself made much of it we are entitled to do so also.

Next, it is clear (read his autobiography Dreams From My Father: a Story of Race and Inheritance) that he makes much of his father’s Kenyan and Muslim heritage, and was deeply disappointed to find his paternal grandfather was not a Mau-Mau who killed white colonialists but a servant of the same. That his father, a bigamous and polygamist Muslim, died a drunkard who wrapped his Mercedes around a tree in a drunk-driving accident (not his first, either). That Barack Hussein Obama’s Black Nationalism, like Jeremy Wright, looks favorably on Islam as the “enemy of White People.”

The most charitable interpretation of Barack Hussein Obama is that he is engaged in an endless rebellion and rejection of his white mother, who married a succession of failed, charismatic third world men, and dumped off with his grandparents in Hawaii while she went off to be “authentic” in writing her Phd thesis on Peasant Indonesian Blacksmithing in the boonies of Java. In this interpretation his middle name and his flaunting it early in the campaign signifies once again his symbolic rejection of his mother and all white people in his reaction to being dumped. [This is the one I personally subscribe to.]

The less charitable interpretation of Barack Hussein Obama is that he made his way as a race-hustler and race baiting charlatan ala Sharpton, and is now unprepared for the reality of being something other than what he’s been all his life: a con man riding on his race and nothing else. In this interpretation his flaunting of his middle name early in his campaign is indicative of his desire to be “Black Enough” to Blacks suspicious of his Harvard, Hawaii, and foreign origins. Which early on seemed to be an issue. [There might be elements of that.]

For the record, I DO think Barack Hussein Obama is overly sympathetic to Muslims because he views them both as “enemies” of White people and America (which he clearly dislikes to hates, as a proxy for his mother) and as an ethnocentric example of being “Black” the way my family (myself included) is suddenly very Catholic on St. Patrick’s day. That sort of thing I know from personal experience is very easy to fall into unless you constantly examine your own concience and mind.


March 15, 2008 , 10:36PM - Posted by | Barack Obama, Black Liberation Theology, Racism, Reverend Dr Jeremiah Wright, Trinity United Church of Christ

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