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Free Michelle Obama! Free Michelle Obama!

Heheh, this post by Ace at Ace of Spades is just too good to not pass along: More Hate from Wright: The US of KKK

[ … ] PS, in case anyone thinks Obama’s racist or something, don’t read too much into his association with this firebreathing black racist. Obama is buddies with white terrorists such as William Ayers.

So it’s not really about color with him. It’s about anti-American hatred and radicalism.

So, everything’s just jake.

PS: Everyone knows who pushed this story into the media, right? I hope no one’s under the delusion the RNC is this competent. Or has friends in the media it could trust to push a racially-tinged story to.

Maybe Ann Coulter’s right.

Oh… Poker sucked. I’m pretty sure the government conspired to give me crap cards, because they hate black people.

True, I’m not black. But their hatred is so strong they don’t even care.

Well, Now We’re Getting Somewhere!  Kaus:

“All of the statements that have been the subject of controversy are ones that I vehemently condemn.” –Barack Obama

This seems to be the General Rule of Obama — if it’s going to damage him, he condemns it! And rejects and denounces. Vehemently! The Rule would seem to apply to all past and future controversial statements — his campaign could get that sentence printed up on little laminated cards and hand them out to reporters, or include them after the statements of all Obama surrogates, like those fine-print ’void where prohibited’ waivers. “Condemned if controversial.”

Me too! I condemn anything ever written on this site that offended you, or was in shoddy taste, or that contained misspellings and garbled syntax, or just wasn’t very funny! Hateful Words, whichever ye may be, I condemn thee!

Problem solved! Next!

Tom Maguire:

“His wife is angry, his minister is angry – why can’t Mr. Unity bring a little hope and reconciliation into their lives?”

Why? Shut up, that’s why! Obama’s working on the small things — bringing reconciliation to the nation, and soon after, the world — before taking on the really big tasks of telling his harpy wife to lighten the fuck up and telling his gasbag minister to can it with the KKKonspiracy KKKrap. Duh. Think of all the momentum he’ll have once he brings ethnic, racial, and religious harmony to the entire globe. He’ll have all the high cards with his wife and minister then!

I can’t help it with the exclamation points! I just read Kaus!

But they’re fucking fun, man!

Prediction: An angry Michelle Obama gets away from the PR lockdown she’s under in the next couple of the days and says something even more damaging to Obama in attempting to help him.

Something like defending Wright, or stating that it’s normal to say the sorts of things he does, or attacking the white establishment for cutting a black man down just as he’s about to succeed.


Free Michelle Obama! Free Michelle Obama!

And I actually laughed out loud at this comment from one of his commentors:

Looking at the current crop of candidates, we’re screwed anyway. I’m going to miss that bat shit crazy, nutcase of a pastor. He was honest about his hate. Kinda curious what Bible he uses when preaching? Must use the “Just make shit up” version.

Posted by: Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman at March 15, 2008 02:39 AM

Heh. 🙂


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