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June 2007 Video: Obama Praises Reverend Wright

Via Charles Johnson at LGF, exposing further the lying that Obama has been doing about Reverend Wright, saying that he didn’t know about his racist, America-hating ideology:  VIDEO: Obama Lavishes Praise on Reverend Jeremiah Wright

Here’s Barack Obama on June 5, 2007, at Hampton University, praising Rev. Jeremiah Wright in such an effusive way that it’s obvious they were personally very close. It strains credulity (snap! was that my credulity breaking?) to maintain that Obama has only recently become aware of Wright’s more “inflammatory” statements.

(Hat tip: NewsBusters.)

UPDATE at 3/16/08 3:02:38 pm:

Wow, that was fast. YouTube blitzed my short clip within minutes. The full video is here. [ … ]

Also see: Hot Air: Video: Juan Williams lowers the boom on Obama


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