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Mass Media in Full Damage Control Mode for Obama

As I have already stated in a couple other posts, the mass media may be reporting on Barack Obama and his racist, America-hating pastor, but they are doing it in a way to provide political cover for him. They are whitewashing the entire situation.

Charles Johnson notes the Associated Press (AP) does not even bother to provide to their readers what the pastor said. They simply summarize it in two words “inflammatory rhetoric”: AP Covering for Obama’s Pastor

The mainstream media are completely, utterly in the tank for Barack Obama. After ignoring the Rev. Wright scandal for as long as possible, the Associated Press is now filing blatant whitewash pieces like this one, in which they don’t even tell the reader what Barack Obama’s pastor actually said: Obama decries racial rhetoric.

Wright’s sermons were just “inflammatory,” in some oddly unspecific way.

PLAINFIELD, Ind. – Sen. Barack Obama on Saturday decried “the forces of division” over race that he said are intruding into the Democratic presidential nomination contest.

“We have to come together,” he told a town-hall meeting at a high school.

He cited videos of inflammatory sermons given by his pastor that are now being used as political ammunition against him — remarks that Obama has denounced.

“If all I knew were those statements I saw on television, I would be shocked,” Obama said.

Yeah, amazing. Imagine, if you will, a Republican candidate for President having been a member of the “God Hates Fags” Westboro Baptist Church for 20 years and calling the preacher his “spiritual mentor”. Do you believe the mass media would be giving that candidate a pass? NOT.

Also, Warner Todd Huston at Newsbusters and Charles Johnson at LGF have found that Rolling Stone magazine has gone back and changed the title of an article they wrote about Obama last year from “The Radical Roots of Barack Obama” to “Destiny’s Child” after this whole situation started with racist, America-hating Reverend Wright: Rolling Stone Changes Headline From Obama’s ’Radical Roots’ to ’Destiny’s Child’

Again, why did Rolling Stone make this change? It can only be that they want Barack to look good and that, while a few days ago calling Barack a “radical” would have seemed cool, something has changed now that we are all aware of the racist comments of Rev. Wright, Barack’s “spiritual mentor.” RS obviously wanted to help Barack avoid this “radical” handle by dumping the word in their original title.

As I mentioned, one of RS’s readers inconveniently alerted everyone to the change in title. On March 15th at 2:15 AM reader treyevans complimented RS on the change:

Good call renaming the title from “The Radical Roots of Barack Obama” to Denstiny’s Child”. That other title might leave Obama open for attack.

Yeah… “good call.” Good if you want to assist Obama to continue gathering the support of voters. Not so good if you want to insure your own journalistic integrity.

I’ll bet the editors at RS are wishing that reader treyevans would have just shut up instead of spilling the beans on the title change?

So, what we have here is Rolling Stone doing damage control FOR a candidate that they love instead of having the integrity to stick with their own handiwork. It’s obvious they have crossed the threshold from reporting on the campaign to actively giving it assistance.

Who says the media are “fair and balanced”? Rolling Stone Magazine should register as official campaign staffers for the Obama campaign at this point, but they most certainly should dump any possible claims that they are engaging in journalism!

One thing is sure. Rolling Stone seems to lack the stones to stick with its original title! I guess “radical” ain’t so cool any more?

Also, Charles Johnson notes that the article gives more evidence that Obama is a LIAR:

The senator “affirmed” his Christian faith in this church; he uses Wright as a “sounding board” to “make sure I’m not losing myself in the hype and hoopla.” Both the title of Obama’s second book, The Audacity of Hope, and the theme for his keynote address at the Democratic National Convention in 2004 come from Wright’s sermons. “If you want to understand where Barack gets his feeling and rhetoric from,” says the Rev. Jim Wallis, a leader of the religious left, “just look at Jeremiah Wright.”

This is why it is so important to pound this story home with the American public and force the mass media to keep questioning Barack Obama and not allow him to get away with his lies. This man should not only get out of the Presidential campaign, but also get his racist, America-hating ass out of our Senate as well. And take his ungrateful, racist, America-hating wife with him.

UPDATE at 13:44 EDT on 16 MAR 08:  And then we have this from Brent Baker at Newsbusters:
Instead of Wright, NBC Touts Childhood Friends: ’Good Luck Barry!’

Friday’s NBC Nightly News allocated a mere 22 seconds to Barack Obama’s condemnation of what fill-in anchor Ann Curry vaguely described as “inflammatory remarks that his long time pastor made about Hillary Clinton and the nation,” but instead of informing viewers of any of those remarks, such as Reverend Jeremiah Wright’s suggestion that the U.S. deserved 9/11, the newscast then devoted three minutes to a celebratory piece about how excited Obama’s childhood friends in Indonesia are about his candidacy.

[ … ]

Williams made sure to discredit fears Obama attended a madrasa, stressing that “classmates say little religion was taught” at the school Obama attended in the early 1970s since it “was secular and academic, in spite of Indonesia being the world’s most populous Islamic country.”

The 22-second item didn’t include how Reverend Jeremiah Wright suggested America deserved the 9/11 attacks and declared: “Not God bless America, God damn America.” Curry announced:

On the campaign trail, Barack Obama is condemning inflammatory remarks that his long time pastor made about Hillary Clinton and the nation. In a blog on the Huffington Post, Obama called comments by the Reverend Jeremiah Wright “appalling,” stressing that words that degrade individuals have no place in public dialogue. But Obama’s campaign said the pastor would not be asked to leave an advisory committee.

Friday night, ABC didn’t have anything on Wright, though after Thursday’s Good Morning America aired a story by Brian Ross about Wright’s rants, Thursday’s World News was the only broadcast network evening newscast to touch Wright as Jake Tapper ran this one soundbite from Wright attacking Hillary Clinton: “Barack knows what it means to be a black man, living in a country and a culture that is controlled by rich, white people. Hillary can never know that. Hillary ain’t never been called a n—-er.”

Friday’s CBS Evening News carried a story by Dean Reynolds which ran the “Not God bless America, God [bleep] America” before Reynolds explained the close connection between Wright and Obama: “Reverend Wright officiated at Obama’s wedding and the baptism of his children and he is described as a mentor for whom Obama took the phrase ’the audacity of hope’ for the title of his book.”

So, ABC, CBS and NBC evening newscast viewers have yet to hear Wright’s suggestion the U.S. deserved the 9/11 attacks. A screaming Wright, in a clip played Friday on all the cable news networks:

We bombed Hiroshima! We bombed Nagasaki! And we nuked far more than the thousands in New York and the Pentagon, and we never batted an eye. [edit jump] We have supported state terrorism against the Palestinians and black South Africans, and now we are indignant because the stuff we have done overseas is now brought right back into our own front yard.

Yeah, there’s no pro-Obama, pro-Democrat, pro-liberal bias in the mass media.  Naaaaaaah.


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