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Obama’s Church: You Call Us Racist? Well, F*ck You!

Okay, those were not the exact words in the press release, but that was my interpretation of this bullshit: Trinity United Responds

No apologies. Instead, they’ve gone with the “look over there!” approach.


Chicago, Ill. (March 15, 2008 ) — Nearly three weeks before the 40th commemorative anniversary of the murder of the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., the Reverend Dr. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr.’s character is being assassinated in the public sphere because he has preached a social gospel on behalf of oppressed women, children and men in America and around the globe.

This does not even purport to address the issue. No one is disturbed that Wright tries to better the lives of “the oppressed.” People are rightfully angry that he believes it’s necessary to tear down “whitey” in the process. Obama spent the last year talking about unity and it turns out that his very good friend, his counsel, his pastor, the man who brought him to Christianity, built a following out of dividing black America from white.

Trinity United, and whoever wrote this release does the same thing by announcing that our scrutiny is an attack on the “African American Church.” This is freshman-level victimology. [ … ]

Go to Ace of Spades for the rest of this victimhood, hate-on-whitey trash.

You know what the worst part of this is? Prior to this past year and Barack Obama’s race-bating campaign for President, which has included the racist, America-hating Reverend and his racist Church, I never once thought about racism or “black churches”. Now I find myself wondering how many other “black churches” and “Black people” are actually like this. So thanks a lot, you racist fuck, you just turned this average American who never thought about racism before into someone who will now see a Black person and wonder to myself if they are like me or a racist prick like Reverend Wright.

UPDATE at 20:34 EDT on 16 MAR 08: Great comment left at Ace’s:

Can I open a white church and preach about the oppression of the white race by blacks? Can I blame blacks for the destruction of America because of their high unwed pregnancy rate, high drug abuse rate and high crime rate? Can I preach that we should ship all the blacks back to Africa?

Of course not, because in their eyes, that’s racist. They preach a religion of hate for whites, and they’re portrayed in the MSM as the victims.

Posted by: smokeybehr at March 16, 2008 05:46 PM

Another excellent comment:

What a bunch of whiny bitches and cowards. Impotently nodding and chanting about eeeevil whitey and all the irreperable harm he’s inflicted on their poor widdle lives in America. Oh, to be sooooo oppressed as to be black and living in the free-est country in the world with the highest standard of living and greatest degree of socio-economic mobility. Whoa is them. Whoa is them.

Here’s the sermon they need to hear: STFU, stay in school, and get a job. Stop shooting each other over a piece of “territory” that’s nothing more than a urine-soaked underpass to everyone else. Stop impregnating every whore you meet and viewing the number of fatherless, behind-the-eight-ball children you’ve cranked out as a status symbol of your manhood. Stop shielding every murderer and crack dealer in your neighborhood from police prosecution out of some cretinous and morally incoherent loyalty to your “race”. Stop worshipping at the altar of repellent, social cancers that celebrate depravity and irresponsibility. Akon is not a hero; he’s a baboon and a thug.

If you have to look beyond your own disfunctional culture to find real heroes; do it, seeing as you’ve excommunicated almost every truly successful black in this country from your cult of victimology, barbarism, and failure. Your fault; not mine. In fact, your whole condition is your fault; not mine. Take your pathetic bellyaching to someone whose well of undeserved sympathy isn’t dry. I used mine all up during the last BBC puff piece about the “Palestinians”.

I don’t hear the guy from Vietnam who’s been here for a year and running his own store complain about what a terrible, oppressive place the United States of White America is. Funny that. Guess we missed him when we were canvassing the neighborhood on one of our many non-WASP purges.

Posted by: VJay at March 16, 2008 06:22 PM


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