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Obama Scrubs Reverend Wright’s Endorsement from His Official Campaign Website

Interesting huh? Now that the racist, America-hating sh*t has hit the fan, Barack Obama and his cult minions are working overtime to eradicate any evidence of his close connections with Reverend Wright.

Also, note that this is being done for two reasons. (1) In order to hide all this from the gullible and ignorant and (2) because it is illegal for churches to campaign on behalf of a political candidate.

Via Steven Gilbert, at Sweetness and Light, who has been the one leading the way since LAST YEAR discovering all this stuff about Barack Obama, Reverend Racist and the Trinity Church of America-hating. Everyone else has just been finally taking notice now to everything Steven Gilbert has been uncovering for months. So if you want to know the latest on this, I suggest you make Sweetness and Light a daily read.

For the record here is Mr. Wright’s now disappeared endorsement:

Rev. Dr. Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr.

Senior Pastor, Trinity United Church of Christ, Chicago, IL
Senator Obama’s pastor

I’m concerned with healthcare; the war in Iraq; the high rates of recidivism in our criminal justice system; the poor condition of the Illinois public school system. Many of the resources that go to support programs such as for those living with HIV/AIDS are now being spent to fund the war. We have to communicate… I support Barack because of his incarnated faith – his faith made alive in the flesh. He reaches across all faith communities and even to those who have no faith at all. He is building a community where everyone has worth. That kind of faith is not easy to find in 2007 and a man like Barack is a rarity.

Of course it is illegal for the head of a church (being a 501c3 “charity”) to endorse a candidate. And, indeed, the IRS is investigating Mr. Wright’s church as we speak.

Perhaps this is also tantamount to destruction of evidence. Though, probably not, since the site still lists other (also illegal) endorsements from various pastors.

Somehow one is reminded of how quickly the Kerry campaign expunged “Honest” Joe Wilson from its website within seconds of the 9/11 Commission’s report that confirmed he was a liar.

[First of all, related to the part I put in bold above, apparently the racist, America-hating jackass hasn’t followed the news that the Bush Administration has donated more foreign aid to Africa to combat AIDS than anyone in history.  But I’m sure that didn’t ’jiiiive’ with what Pastor Race-Baitor wanted to indoctrinate and propagandize his parishioners with.]

Yep, this is just standard operating procedure (SOP) for Democrats. And they have been getting away with this nonsense for years. Remember back in 2004, John Kerry received the 2nd most popular votes in history… 2nd only to the amount of popular votes received by President Bush. So despite being an lying, uninspiring, military-smearing tool, more people voted for the schmuck than at any time in our history (save for President Bush in 2004). Now, you replace him with someone who is the same lying, left-wing tool and add Blackness, charisma and an adoring cultish fan-base and Obama winning the Democrat nomination spells doom for America.


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