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Republican Preacher Scandal : BAD!!! ; Democrat Preacher Scandal: Ho Hum

And people still want to say that there is no leftist, anti-Republican, anti-Conservative bias in the media. What-the-f#ck-ever.

Gateway Pundit reports on what the mass media did to smear then Governor George W. Bush in the 2000 election: The Difference Between a Republican and Democratic Preacher Scandal

CNN reported in late Feb 2000 that, “The members of Bush’s senior team in Austin, Texas, were only vaguely aware of Bob Jones University’s policies and past. “Reagan spoke there…” Aides said.

Bush had given a speech. Just one speech at the controversial university, but that was enough to join him at Jones’ hip. Thus, the press piled on:

** Feb 27, 2000 – Los Angeles Times – “Bush is wishing he’d never set foot on the Bob Jones campus”
** Feb 28, 2000 – BusinessWeek – “Bush received an enthusiastic response at Bob Jones U.”
** Feb 28, 2000 – Washington Post – “Bush Caters to the Bigotry of Bob Jones”
** Feb 29, 2000 – International Herald Tribune – “criticized Mr. Bush for speaking at Bob Jones University,”
** Mar 4, 2000 – Seattle Post-Intelligencer – “do we want the ideals of Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson and Bob Jones?”
** Mar 4, 2000 – Dallas Morning News – “a letter of regret for visiting Bob Jones University”
** Mar 4, 2000 – Dayton Daily News – “Gerald Ford says he would not have spoken at Bob Jones”
** Mar 5, 2000 – Contra Costa – “The definition of George Bush’s compassionate conservative is Bob Jones III …
** Mar 5, 2000 – Los Angeles Times – “aggrieved over Bush’s visit to Bob Jones University”
** Mar 5, 2000 – Miami Herald – “Bush was insensitive to Catholics by visiting Bob Jones University.”
** Mar 5, 2000 – Chicago Sun-Times – “criticism of Bush for his visit to anti-Catholic Bob Jones University”
** Mar 5, 2000 – Maureen Dowd- “In South Carolina, former Gov. David Beasley … gave a bear hug to Bob Jones Bush.”
** Mar 6, 2000 – Guardian Unlimited – “Mr Bush had to repair the damage done by his appearance at the Bob Jones university”
** Mar 6, 2000 – Philadelphia Daily News – “the Bob Jones affair”

This was just a slice of what the press ran with at the time, and continued throughout the campaign. Remember this was about the issue of simply making a speech at the place. Bush had issued a letter of apology and it should have been over, but the MSM persisted right up to the last days of the election:

** Oct. 09, 2000 – Time – “Remember Bob Jones?”
** Oct 13, 2000 – Boston Globe – “Governor Bush, you say you are a ..uniter,’ but how could you speak at Bob Jones University”
** Oct 22, 2000 – St. Louis Post-Dispatch – “At the same time, he spoke at the ultraconservative Bob Jones University,”
** Oct 23, 2000 – Philadelphia Inquirer – “Hughes, did not buy Bush’s promises of inclusion, especially after his visit to Bob Jones”
** Oct 26, 2000 – Associated Press – “suggesting Bush was anti-Catholic after Bush spoke at Bob Jones University”
** Nov 1, 2000 – Los Angeles Times – “then took a hard right turn, heralded by a fiery defense of conservative values at Bob Jones University in South Carolina”

And even as Gore hadn’t tried to make it an issue, the press was still begging him to right into the final days:

11-02-2000 – Julianne Malveaux, – The Sun Reporter – “Why won’t Al Gore talk about Bob Jones University?”

Now… Imagine if Bush hadn’t just given a speech, but also…

** Was an active member of the church for 20-years.
** Was married by Bob Jones
** Had his children baptized by Bob Jones
** Gave tens-of-thousands to the church
** Titled a book after one of Jones’ sermons
** Had regularly listened to Jones’ sermons on tape while at grad school
** Had appointed Jones to his campaign
** Claimed Jones as his spiritual mentor

…and then claimed he was “only vaguely aware of Bob Jones University’s policies and past”?

Do you suppose that George Bush would be getting this same pass by the media if Rev. Jeremiah Wright was his preacher?

This is what absolutely sickens me most about the mass media and the Left: their utter blatant hypocrisy and bias.

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