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Enlighten Us, Please – Just What the Hell do You Want?

Via commentor DW, at Sweetness & Light, who expresses my attitude about this entire Black Perpetual Victim Theology perfectly: New Pastor: Wright’s Sermons Are Art Form

“…but as a Black man in America i can still see that this country has a way to go and all this talk of get over it is just that talk.

Doc, maybe it would be helpful if you could enlighten us as to precisely what it is you want.

Do you want money ? Is that it ? Do you want every white person in North America to open his or her wallet and fork over some cash and maybe apologize while we’re at it ?

Do you want us to just leave ?

Do you want affirmative action programs where black people will be given preference over whites ?

Do you want people to be better educated over the injustices of the past, like having, say, a black history month ?

Do you want programs specifically designed to help black people succeed, like a United Negro College Fund or something ?

Do you want a country where a little black kid can grow up to be an MD ?
“Paging Doctor Harris…”

Do you want a country where a black man can become Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff ?
“General Powell, the red phone…”

Is it helpful to have it so that when a vicious crime is committed by blacks against whites, like the Christian/Newsom murders or the Central Park jogger rape, that it is acceptable for the black community to say that “the bitch was asking for it” ?

Do you want it so that black rappers can spread a message of hate and violence and get rich doing it -at the expense of black youths ?

Enlighten us, Please – just what the hell do you WANT ???

You’re an educated man, and a not unreasonable one, I suspect, so explain to this poor, dumb, northern cracker how people like the Reverend Wright, or Al Sharpton are doing anything other than keeping the old animosities alive. Yes, there’s plenty of hard feelings to go around but I think people like those two want it that way. Name one black person that Sharpton’s stood up for that wasn’t a violent criminal asshole. Or, better yet, name one violent criminal asshole -who happened to be black- that Sharpton hasn’t stood up for ?

And that’s supposed to give the black cause (whatever the hell that is) legitimacy ?

Guess what -all it does is alienate and piss-off white people who would ordinarily be sympathetic to disadvantaged blacks. How does that help anyone -black or white ?

It does give people like Sharpton and Wright a nice, lucrative career, though, doesn’t it ?

So I’m all ears, Doc. What’s the solution ?

And this is the key point for me:

Guess what – all it does is alienate and piss-off white people who would ordinarily be sympathetic to disadvantaged blacks. How does that help anyone – black or white?

After I knew about all the Rev Wright nonsense, I only thought ill of Barack Obama. But now after the mass media, Barack Obama apologists and Black leaders and Black media members have come out and stated that Rev Wright was correct and this is typical among “Black Churches”, I find my attitude about Blacks completely changed. So, as DW stated, I went from being sympathetic to disadvantaged Blacks to now being pissed off and looking at average Blacks in an entirely different way. Now, when a Black person walks by, I don’t just go on my merry way seeing him or her as just another American, but rather I now find myself thinking “hmm, there’s a Black person, I wonder if they are normal like me or a raving lunatic like Rev Wright?”

And no, I don’t feel good about feeling this way, but this is what Barack Obama’s race-baiting candidacy and his apologists have wrought. Nice job.

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