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Hate Me, Blame Me, You Can’t Shame Me – I’m American!

Time for some righteous pride in being an American: Stuck Mojo – I’m American

I’m an American related to all colors of brethren,
Priests and Pastors and Prophets and Reverends,
Divided we fall united we stand together man,
In this cultural melting pot there’s nothing better than,
This land of the free and the home of the brave,
Populated by ancestors of immigrants and slaves
who met early graves, So we could see brighter days
and we could proudly praise and raise
the stars and stripes as Americans

Hate me
Blame me
You can’t shame me
Come and stand with me
I’m American

I’m an American born in these states united,
Where racial discrimination keeps us so divided,
Well we’ve got free speech so I won’t be quiet,
We got a lot of problems here man I won’t deny it,
But ain’t another place that I’d rather be,
Than in this land of great opportunity,
Where we can be anything that we wanna be,
So until the day I D-I-E,
I stand tall as an American

April 6, 2008 , 9:33PM - Posted by | Music, Patriotism

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