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Obama to Small Town Americans: You’re All a Bunch of Racist, Bigoted, Jesus-Freaky Gun Nuts

This is probably the best post I have read yet about Barack Obama’s condescending, racist remarks to the rich elitists in San Francisco this past week.

Barack Obama (Condescending, Elitist, Racist Putz – IL): “You go into some of these small towns in Pennsylvania, a lot of them — like a lot of small towns in the Midwest, the jobs have been gone now for 25 years and nothing’s replaced them. And they’ve gone through the Clinton administration, and the Bush administration, and each successive administration has said that somehow these communities are gonna regenerate and they have not. So it’s not surprising then that they get bitter, and they cling to guns, or religion, or antipathy toward people who aren’t like them, or anti-immigrant sentiment, or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.”

Via Ace at Ace of Spades.

[ … ] That’s the third inconsistent media defense I’ve heard for Obama’s Redneck Rampage speech.

Let’s see:

1) He could not possibly have intended something so offensive and absurd.

2) But he’s 100% right about that offensive and absurd characterization.

and now three:

3) He can’t be held responsible for his offensive and absurd characterization, because he misspoke; he actually intended something more insulting.

Via Hot Air, which also claims, rather optimistically, that the “media” is moving beyond “bitter” in reporting on/analyzing Obama’s remark.

First of all, this isn’t the “media.” It’s Slate, or as I term it, the amateur leftist Webzine Slate. It’s the media like I am.

Second of all, on-line writers have a big honking incentive to write provocative stuff — and even provocative stuff which has the benefit of being the unpopular truth. It drives traffic. “The media” doesn’t have this sort of incentive, or at least they don’t react to it; witness the fact that most major media companies continue chasing the same 30% liberal slice of the market. They have built-in audiences and do not worry much about “traffic spikes.”

Third, John Dickerson, being an online writer, is probably more exposed to conservative writers’ complaints about the speech. It’s even possible he bothers to read a conservative column or blog from time to time, just to keep tabs on the other side. I’m guessing it’s easier for the real MSM to cocoon themselves in nothing but warmly stultifying liberal opinion. They really don’t have to listen to anyone but themselves.

And finally — the MSM is very heavily invested in claiming this is all about “bitter” and defending Obama and attempting to declare it a non-story which is not worth discussing. They’ve been doing that since the story broke; it would take an awful lot to reverse themselves at this point.

They would have to admit — gasp! — they got the story almost entirely wrong from the get-go, and mostly because they’re so uniformly liberal that neither they nor anyone they even know could imagine what could possibly be offensive about the remarks apart from “bitter.”

Thanks to markytom.

CQ Prediction: Hillary Will Gain a Whole Three (!) Delegates from Pennsylvania: Wow. Is that all we’re talking about here?

Update: Anwyn writes:

Don’t forget that in addition to the HuffPo-reported remarks, he actually did say (paraphrase) “these people don’t believe the message when it’s coming from a 46-year-old black guy named Barack Obama,” to which the billionaires laughed appreciatively. So when Herbert says Obama couldn’t come right out and say they’re racist, well, he did.

True, and the whole bit about fearing/hating people who don’t look like them (wink, wink) made that point to.

It seems pointless to pile on Bob Herbert though. He’s a fucking idiot. As Evan Coyne Maloney pointed out, he basically turns in the same three barely-rewritten columns week after week after week.

He even put together this nifty Automatic Bob Herbert Column Generator which samples from his cliched and endlessly recycled oevure to create “new” Bob Herbert columns.

No one reads Bob Herbert, including Bob Herbert.

Another Update: Vid here.

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Iraq is on its Way to Becoming a True Success Story

Via Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit: Iraqi Forces & Tribal Leaders Join to Hammer Outlaw Militias

Once again, anti-idiotarian blogs like Gateway Pundit and military blogs are bringing us the news and commentary that the mass media refuses to do.

[ … ] Iraq-American Haider Ajina sends this latest good news from Iraq.

Today Iraqi Buratha News reported on the the political support the central government is getting to clean up southern Iraq from outlaw militias and gangs.

Haider explains this good news from Iraq:

The attached link is to an article from Buratha News reporting on the Iraqi Defense Minister Mohamed Jasim Alubeidi in Basrah. The article points out the political support the central government is getting to clean up southern Iraq from the outlaw militias and gangs. The support came from tribal leaders and provincial officials. Alubeidi also mentioned that this cleansing operation is showing the central government is one for all Iraqis. The minister’s deputy Brigadier Aiden Khalid said that the Basra Province security forces will be cleansed next.

Jim, notice what is missing in the picture that is posted with the article (above). There are no U.S. military men or women in the picture, not a single U.S. uniform. Thanks to our training and promotion of self reliance, Iraq has come far in taking over its own security while respecting the rule of law. While Egypt and Iran suffer under demonstrations and some rioting, due to political oppression, Iraqis are filled with hope for their future, protected by the rule of law, an increasingly well trained and effective security force, a constitution, and democratically elected officials.

You won’t hear that from the MSM anytime soon!

Haider Ajina adds this:

I have chosen the above articles to show how active and serious the Iraqi parliament is about its job. The breathing room we and the Iraqi forces have created, by combating and defeating the terrorist and anti democracy elements, is allowing a stronger focus on rebuilding, development, privatization and reconciliation activities. Laws passed by the Iraqi parliament and signed into law by the Prime Minister have included: a budget for 2008, amnesty to thousands of detainees, and a definition outlining the relationship between the central government and the provinces. Also Iraqi lawmakers have put their differences aside and agreed to allow some members of Saddam Hussein’s Baath Party to take government jobs. These all are key benchmarks the Iraqi government has achieved since security improved in the fall of 2007.

On April 14, Iraqis mourned the 20th anniversary of the gassing of the Kurds (Alenfal). The Iraqi PM in a speech called for never forgetting this ghastly act of the Baathists, and using it as motivation to build a peaceful Iraq free of sectarianism and divisiveness.

If that is not enough for you, Instapundit and Captain Ed at HotAir have much more about the success in Basra.

“Three weeks after Iraqi troops swarmed into the southern city of Basra to take on armed militiamen who had overrun the streets, many residents say they feel safer and that their lives have improved. . . . Residents say the streets have been cleared of gunmen, markets have reopened, basic services have been resumed and a measure of normality has returned to the oil-rich city. An AFP correspondent said three northwestern neighbourhoods once under the firm control of the Mahdi Army militia of radical Shiite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr — Al-Hayaniyah, Khamsamile and Garma — are now encircled by Iraqi troops who are carrying out door-to-door searches. Two other neighbourhoods once dominated by the Mahdi Army, Al-Qiblah in the southwest and Al-Taymiyyah in the centre, have been cleared of weaponry and many people have been arrested, military officials say.” Not perfect, so far, but not the disaster we were hearing about from the media coverage of a couple of weeks ago.

Captain Ed at HotAir echoes the sentiments of Instapundit when it comes to the mass media completely screwing the pooch on the reporting of the success in Basra:

[ … ] Once again, the American media got caught with its pants down and their, er, aspirations showing. They wanted the military operation to represent a breakdown of the government so badly that they reported it as a defeat even as the Iraqi Army adapted and prevailed against the militia members. They still have yet to acknowledge that the Basra and Umm Qasr operations have largely met their goals, and have driven Moqtada al-Sadr even further outside the political arena.

And note that the Iraqi Army did most of the heavy lifting in Basra and all of it in Umm Qasr. The American forces contributed some air power and logistical support, but almost all of the ground operation fell to the IA. The training and guidance provided by American military advisers has paid off.

Basra residents had endured under gangster rule ever since the British began reducing their forces and falling back to their bases in 2005. The power vacuum allowed the Mahdis and the Badr Brigade to grab turf in the south. While the Badrs eventually accepted the authority in Baghdad and merged into the government security apparatus, the Mahdis engaged in typical gangster protection rackets and conducted assassinations to maintain their grip on street power. AFP reports that has all come to an end, and Basra residents couldn’t be happier — especially since it was Iraqi troops who liberated them.

Maybe next time, the American media will wait to analyze a battle until it’s actually over. Probably not … but maybe.

Want more? Well then why aren’t you watching Freedom Journal Iraq from the Multi-National Force – Iraq website? They have weekly, sometimes daily, reports from Iraq. Reports that are easily accessible to the mass media, yet they refuse to show them to us. Well, bypass them and go watch them yourself HERE.

And, if you have noticed, I have not even gotten to any military blogs yet. But they are doing their due diligence in reporting the success and progress in Iraq, as they have been since 2003.Uncle Jimbo at Blackfive: Good Stuff

Uncle Jimbo at Blackfive (VIDEO): Surge Highlights- Xtreme commute to the battleUncle Jimbo at Blackfive (VIDEO): More songs blowing up buildings and cars

The amazing, always must-read Mrs. Greyhawk at Mudville Gazette (MANY, MANY dispatches from soldiers in Iraq and VIDEOS): DAWN PATROLBill Roggio at Long War Journal: Iraqi government: “We will continue until we secure Sadr City”

Gordon Alanko at Long War Journal: When Sons of Iraq Grow UpCurt at Flopping Aces: Basra Residents Feel Safe Now

[ … ] The crackdown has resulted in the arrests of 430 criminals, including 28 death row convicts who has been on the run and that kidnapped British journalist, taken on Feb 10th, was freed. But recall how the MSM spun this fight just last week… chaos and anarchy, its all lost… they’re all doomed! Now the residents of that city rejoice in real security given to them by their own government. [ … ]

The Iraqi government is slowly coming together. The pieces are falling into place and while it will be messy for years to come (as our own did for decades after its founding) there is great promise that the Iraqi’s CAN succeed in building their own democracy.

Mohammed Fadhil at Pajamas Media: Iraq’s Moment of Truth in Baghdad and Basra

The ongoing confrontation highlights a dramatic change in the inclination of the Iraqi leadership, which decided to face the challenge with unwavering resolve instead of shrinking away. We have learned from the experience of the last five years that unresolved fights tend to be very costly in the long run, as we will have to deal with recurrent fights over and over again. It can be understood from Maliki’s words that he came to realize that the decision to disband or exterminate illegal military entities should have been made a long time ago.

At this point neither side is happy with the results and I think that both have made up their minds to go to war because each one thinks his side is closer to winning and has greater backing from the public than his rival. However, I believe that Sadr is making the mistake of thinking that what worked for previous battles would be equally effective in future ones. I strongly think that if a final battle is to take place, it will unfold with a bitter defeat for Sadr militarily and politically; the balance of power by far favors the state in spite of the difficulty of the situation.

The Iraqi leadership represented by Maliki is standing before a historic opportunity to strengthen the foundations of the rule of law. This opportunity has been made available by the decision of the Shia to renounce and expel the extremists amongst them, a decision that was long avoided because of sectarian considerations that were proven wrong later.

Everyone has come to realize that allegiance to the country provides more security in the long run than sectarian entrenchment does, and in my opinion the awakening of the Iraqi west and the uprising against the perverted violent practices of co-religionists have provided an example for a similar awakening among the Shia — of course, with the main difference we outlined in an earlier post; that is, while in the west we had a tribal uprising against extremist religious powers, in the south the uprising is religious-on-religious, with the target highly identified with one particular group.

I believe that another promising sign further emphasizes, to the government and people alike, that putting sect and tribe above country is a bad idea. Today 1,300 police and soldiers who disobeyed orders or, worse, sided with the enemy in Basra will get to taste the consequences of that, the same way that the commanders who were in charge of recruiting them did.

Michael Totten in City Journal: Hope for Iraq’s Meanest City

Fallujah is strange, sullen, wild-eyed, badass, and just plain mean,” writes Bing West in his 2005 war chronicle No True Glory. “Fallujans don’t like strangers, which includes anyone not homebred. Wear lipstick or Western-style long hair, sip a beer or listen to an American CD, and you risk the whip or a beating.” Fallujah has been Iraq’s bad-boy city since at least the time of the British in Mesopotamia; even then, travelers were warned to stay out. More recently, Saddam Hussein recruited some of his regime’s most ruthless officers from Fallujah. Even though it was a quieter city than most in Iraq after the American invasion in 2003, with less looting than in Baghdad and a staunchly pro-American mayor, the Americans should have known that Fallujah was trouble.

But they didn’t, and so they were unprepared when a rogues’ gallery of Islamists, Baathists, and garden-variety malcontents made the city the launching pad for an Iraqi insurgency. The Fallujans who embraced the insurgency were foolhardy, too: had they looked at what similarly-minded Islamist totalitarians had done to Afghanistan, they would have known what hell awaited them at the insurgents’ hands. General David Petraeus’s radical transformation of counterinsurgency tactics has come at just the right time: the overwhelming majority of Fallujans, deciding that America is the lesser of evils, have now aligned themselves with the Marines and the American-backed city government.

The insurgency arose in Fallujah before spreading to the rest of the country. Perhaps it is fitting, then, that the insurgents — now on the run elsewhere in Iraq — were first beaten here in the City of Mosques. [ … ]

The only people who are not noticing the amazing success and progress in Iraq are those who refuse to see.

This is only a few of the many blogs I read on a daily and weekly basis. I find info like this every single day.

Let me repeat that: EVERY.SINGLE.DAY.

There is no excuse, in my opinion, for anyone to claim ignorance about the amazing job our men and women of the United States military – and their comrades in the Coalition Forces and the Iraqi Army – are doing in Iraq.

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