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The American Flag – Just a Piece of Cloth

Ah, isn’t this nice what they are teaching our young generation at our institutions of “higher learning”. First it was “art” to put the crucifixion of Christ in urine, then it was “art” to put dung on the Virgin Mary. And now, apparently it is “art” to put the American Flag on the floor and allow people to walk on it, because, ‘hey, man, like, it’s just a piece of cloth!’

Via Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit: SICK!… University of Maine Lays Down US Flags for Students To Walk On For Art Project

Here’s the video:

Lance Dutson of the Maine College Republicans:

[ … ] They brought the cops in to protect it, when some College GOP kids and vets came to try to pick them up off the ground. In the video, the university provost actually says “It’s just a piece of cloth.” to the VFW guy, and one of the faculty tells the VFW chief that they are ‘actually protecting’ his freedom of speech by doing this.

You will recall that a year or so ago, in California, I believe the College Republicans of a California university were denied stomping on a flag of the terrorist organization Hezb’Allah, because it was “offensive to Muslims”, since there is Islamic writing on it.

Apparently, an Islamic terrorist flag is sacred, but the American Flag is “just a piece of cloth”.

Ah, “higher education” in America. Brilliant.


April 16, 2008 , 7:02PM - Posted by | Leftist Groups, Liberalism, Public Education

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