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Obama’s New Politics of “Change”

Does this sound like a politician who is bringing “change” to American politics?

[The YouTube Link is HERE]

Hmmm, sounds like the same type of lying, distorting, taking-things-out-of-context-and-smearing-one’s-opponent politics that we have dealt with for years.

But I thought Barack Obamessiah was a new kind of politician who was going to bring CHANGE! and HOPE! and LEADERSHIP! Hmm, if the man can do nothing, but talk about how much he feels America sucks and refuses to say *anything* good about the best country in the world, then I don’t see how that has anything to do with HOPE! or CHANGE!

Of course, we have seen his type before. Only now, apparently because he is half-Black and somehow spins the shit coming out of his mouth into gold, there are millions of dolts all across the country shouting “HOPE! CHANGE! OH! BAH! MA!”


My only hope is that these dolts will do the same thing they have done for years: sit on their lazy, woe-is-me-I’m-a-poor-oppressed-victim-of-the-rich asses and not bother to vote in November. Something tells me that if they are too damn lazy to pull themselves up by their bootstraps and take advantage of all their opportunities in this country to get a job and make a successful life for themselves, they are going to also be too damn lazy to bother to stand in line and vote.

Granted, who knows… These people seem to be in some kind of dufus trance over this guy, ignoring every corrupt, hypocritical, racist, elitist and Marxist thing associated with him, that maybe come election day in November, we’ll be seeing a bunch of idiots walking down the street like Night of the Living Dead chanting “hope… change… Oh-baaaaaaaaah-ma”. Hmmm, maybe they will call it, million moron march or something.

Again… OY.


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