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Tables Turned on CODE PINKos at Their Recruitment Office

Heheh. Serves them right. Unfortunately, as Zombie notes, the CODE PINKos were not at their office this weekend as they were off saving the world from the dreaded scourge of Global Warming by… participating in a protest. Oooooh. I bet the Sun is really scared of them and will stop its global warming of our solar system all because these nitwit Commies held a protest and actually bought some Green paint to complement their Commie pink.

Via Zombietime via HotAir Headlines:
Marines vs CODE PINK

Be sure to visit the link as Zombie has many more pictures and commentary of the event as well as the CODE PINKos at their precious Earth Day thing.


April 20, 2008 , 11:02AM - Posted by | CODE PINK, Liberalism, Military, Military Veterans, US Marines

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