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UPDATE on “Peace” Thug Attack on OIF Veteran & Family (VIDEOS)

[For my previous posts on this issue, see *HERE*, *HERE* and *HERE*.]

DanNY at Gathering of Eagles-NY has an update on the attack on the OIF Veteran and his family, which includes the videos he promised.

You can access his video *HERE* and the “peace” thugs’ video *HERE*.

[ … ] Most importantly, for those who have claimed the veteran’s wife took the first physical action. Your claims are proved to be unfounded. The video clearly shows the woman in green advancing from screen right and touching the veteran’s wife before the wife pushes her away.

It shows that every physical action was initiated by the ‘peace’ thugs. Every action that escalated the conflict was theirs. They were out of control and unrestrained in their actions. Every action taken by the veteran and his family was in self defense or in seeking to stop the violence. No one sober can view these videos in any other fashion.

The wheelchair man bumping his chair into the leg of the veteran.
The lady in white grabbing the veteran’s sign and throwing it into the street.
The lady in white then standing on the sign in an attempt to prevent the veteran from recovering it.
The veteran’s wife interjecting herself between the veteran and the lady in white to defuse the situation.
The lady in green charging over with her red sign and pushing the veteran’s wife with her right hand.
The veteran’s wife pushing the lady in green away from her.
The lady in green and the lady in white attacking the veteran’s wife.
The veteran grabbing the lady in green to restrain her from attacking his wife.
The man in yellow and man in blue shirts pushing the veteran to the ground while he is restraining the lady in green. (Partially obscured by signs).
The lady in white kicking the veteran’s wife in the head.
The veteran’s son rushing over to pull the lady in white away from his mother.
The lady in white kicks the veteran twive while he is restrained.
The lady in green attacking the veteran’s son.
The lady in white attacking the veteran’s son.
This video should be required viewing by anyone wanting to know what happens when ‘peace’ thugs are given free rein to vent their ‘peaceful’ feelings.

Dan Maloney, NY State Coordinator, Gathering of Eagles

Also, DanNY passes along the new discovery that these “peace” thugs will now have free legal representation. Wonderful.

“By the way, we were put on notice on Sat. while we were standing out in Meadville that word is that the recruiters and people standing in support of the troops in the area are ”fair game because the attackers will be given free representation for any altercations that may occur…” , more than likely Sandy Kelson (VFP) will be representing them. We have always known to watch our back, but this is the 1st time we were told that the “peace thugs” would have free representation. Nice, huh?!!!”



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