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Obama Plans to Bring Gun to Debate with McCain?

Interesting that Obama brags about bringing guns to a political debate, yet his policies for America would strip everyone of their 2nd Amendment right to bear arms.

“If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun.”

Apparently, it is okay for Obama to use a gun for a political debate, but not okay for regular Americans to own guns for self-defense and hunting. Brilliant.

Snark aside, I don’t have too much of a problem with Obama’s statement. It is obviously rhetorical flourish to make a point.

However, anyone who is not suffering from BDS, or not an intellectually dishonest leftist, knows that had a Republican said anything like this, insinuating, even rhetorically, about bringing a gun to a debate, his/her political career would probably be over, as the mass media and the Left would demonize them to no end.

Thus, the absolute blatant media bias in favor of Barack H****** Obamessiah is on display once again. Pathetic.

By the way, I thought Obama was all about “change” and “hope” and was about sitting down and talking with our enemies? Our enemies of Iran and North Korea and “Palestine” who bring bombs and IEDs and nuclear weapons to the fight, Obama wants to sit down and chat with them. However, if a political opponent brings a knife, he suggests bringing a gun? This is “change”? Why is it that Obama talks tougher about political debates with McCain than he does about talking with our legitimate enemies in the world?

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CODE PINKo and UFPJ Commies On Obama Team

More and more Communists and Marxists continue to be found on Team Obama.  This is the “hope” and “change” we get from Barack Obama:  Communism and Marxism.  Brilliant.

I certainly hope that ** is getting out this information to  your readers.  We cannot allow this man to be elected our President because the American public was ignorant of his radicalism.

Click here for more info on the CODEPINK and United for Peace and Justice.

Jodie Evans: CODE PINK Founder, Obama Bundler, Osama Apologist

Politico reports that Jodie Evans, the founder of Code Pink, has joined Team Obama as a bundler. She has pledged to raise at least $50,000 to elect Barack Obama to the White House. However, she has a long history of making controversial statements that may overshadow the campaign itself — including some apologetics for 9/11:

According to research being circulated by GOP sources, Evans has a record of inflammatory statements such as saying that women were better off in Iraq under Saddam Hussein, “Men are dying in their Hummers in Iraq so you can drive around in yours” and, my favorite, that the invasion of Iraq amounted to “global testosterone poisoning.”

Evans, though, is not just a single-issue crusader. She’s worked in politics and liberal causes for decades, including stints working for Jerry Brown during his years as governor and in his 1992 White House run.

That an activist liberal is raising money for Obama isn’t all that surprising. But in a campaign that has been dominated as much by the associates of candidates as the candidates themselves (Jeremiah Wright, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush), Evans is a reminder that what may not have mattered much in a primary has the potential to be resonant in the general.

Evans may have made controversial statements in the past, but that won’t hold a candle to the statements she made on a radio show called “The Conscience of Kansas”. Paul Ibbetson spoke with Evans about the 9/11 attacks, and …. well, listen for yourself:

[Go to HotAir for the Video]

Ibbetson tries to explain that we hadn’t done anything to provoke the 9/11 attacks by saying we hadn’t invaded Afghanistan. Evans replies that we were in Saudi Arabia, which to her gave al-Qaeda and Osama bin Laden a rational reason to kill thousands of Americans in terrorist attacks. Note that she says, “I don’t think any terrorist attack is justified,” and then says we should listen to Osama bin Laden and change our policies because — “Sometimes, it would be a good idea to listen to why someone is trying to blow you up”.

Q: Do you think that’s a valid argument?

A: Sure. Why do we have bases in the Middle East?

Does Barack Obama share these views with his new bundler and the founder of Code Pink? Does he also feel that we should heed Osama bin Laden’s speeches and adjust our policies in the Middle East accordingly? If Evans represents the kind of people Obama wants to attract to his campaign, that says quite a bit about his approach to terrorism and the defense of American interests in the Middle East.

Sweetness & Light has a primer on Jodie Evans:

Jodie Evans is a radical activist and Democratic fundraiser best known as the co-founder (along with Diane Wilson, a Wiccan calling herself Starhawk, and Global Exchange’s Medea Benjamin) of Code Pink for Peace. Evans also works closely with Leslie Cagan, the pro-Castro leader of United For Peace and Justice.

And from Front Page Magazine:

Throughout the 1990s, in fact, many of the Marxists currently working for Code Pink were busy organizing anti-free trade protests – some of them violent – and filing numerous high-profile lawsuits that forced American corporations to spend enormous sums of money to defend themselves…

Jodie Evans… sits on the board of directors of the Rain Forest Action Network (RAN), a coalition of anti-capitalist, anti-corporate environmentalist groups. RAN’s co-founder Michael Roselle also founded the Earth Liberation Front, which the FBI ranks alongside the Animal Liberation Front as the foremost domestic terrorism threats in the United States. According to the FBI, during the past seven years those two groups have been responsible for more than 600 criminal acts and $43 million in damages

As the photo on this post indicates, Evan also felt comfortable putting her arm around Hugo Chavez. So, surprise surprise, Obama has decided to associate himself once more with a radical associated with violent radicals, tinpot dictators — a woman who thinks Osama had a point on 9/11. What does this say about judgment?

Melanie Morgan and Redstate have more.

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3 Jihadis Caught Plotting Against Troops in Iraq… in Ohio

Ah, but hey, there’s nothing to see here. No ‘holy war’ going on. No jihad going on here in America. Nah. As the State Department says, no more calling it jihad, since none of this has nothing to do with Islam. Nope. Just move along folks and continue to bury your heads in the sand as Islamic jihadis plot holy war from within America: 3 in Ohio guilty of plot against US troops in Iraq

CLEVELAND – Three Ohio men were convicted Friday of plotting to recruit and train terrorists to kill American soldiers in Iraq, a case put together with help from a former soldier who posed as a radical bent on violence.

Mohammad Amawi, 28, Marwan El-Hindi, 45, and Wassim Mazloum, 27, face maximum sentences of life in prison. Prosecutors said the men were learning to shoot guns and make explosives while raising money to fund their plans to wage a holy war against U.S. troops.

The federal jury in Toledo returned its verdict after three days of deliberations. U.S. District Judge James G. Carr did not set a sentencing date, said acting U.S. attorney Bill Edwards.

“Today’s verdicts should send a strong message to individuals who would use this country as a platform to plot attacks against U.S. military personnel in Iraq and elsewhere,” said Patrick Rowan, acting assistant attorney general for national security, in a written statement. “This case also underscores the need for continued vigilance in identifying and dismantling extremist plots that develop in America’s heartland.”

Messages seeking comment from defense attorneys were not immediately returned. At trial they claimed that the three defendants, who all lived in the Toledo area, were manipulated by the government’s star witness, Darren Griffin.

The undercover FBI informant and former Army Special Forces soldier recorded the men for about two years beginning in 2004 while they talked about training in explosives, guns, and sniper tactics. They often met in their homes and at a tiny storefront mosque where they prayed together.

Defense attorneys noted that Griffin was involved in all conversations the prosecution presented to the jury, and that there was no evidence of telephone conversations or e-mails dealing with the alleged plot among only the defendants.

Griffin won the trust of the men by posing as a former soldier who grew disenchanted with U.S. foreign policy who was now intent on violence against America. Prosecutors said even Griffin’s family had been under the impression that he had become a radical.

Griffin said most people at the mosque shunned him and that no one raised any threats until El-Hindi began talking about kidnapping Israeli soldiers. Amawi, Griffin said, asked him to help him train two recruits from Chicago for holy war.

According to one secret recording made by Griffin, Amawi said he was troubled by the loss of life in New York in the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, but he quickly added: “Killing Americans in Iraq is OK.”

Griffin testified that he twice traveled to Jordan with Amawi and also taught Amawi and Mazloum how to shoot guns.

El-Hindi told Griffin, according to recordings heard in court, that he knew two cousins who were eager to receive “jihad training.” Griffin asked El-Hindi if he was recruiting for jihad. “Oh no, I just want to take these two,” El-Hindi answered, adding that he wanted to take care of them for their families.

The two Chicago-area cousins — Khaleel Ahmed of Chicago and Zubair A. Ahmed of suburban North Chicago — have pleaded not guilty to conspiring to kill American soldiers and face trial next year.

Amawi, El-Hindi and Mazloum were convicted of conspiring to kill or maim people outside the United States, including military personnel. Amawi and El-Hindi were convicted of distributing information regarding explosives to terrorists.

Defense attorneys said Griffin lied and manipulated the defendants by putting words in their mouths so that he could stay on the government payroll.

Attorneys for the men also questioned how the three men could have been involved in a conspiracy when they never practiced shooting guns together or watched training videos together.

Griffin testified that the three gathered in the same place just once during the two years he investigated them. He also said that he never saw e-mails from the men that talked about plotting to kill soldiers.

Amawi and El-Hindi are U.S. citizens, and Mazloum came to the U.S. legally from Lebanon. El-Hindi was born in Jordan, and Amawi was born in the U.S. but also has Jordanian citizenship.

They had blended easily into the city’s thriving Muslim community.

Mazloum was a college student who helped his brother run a used-car lot. Amawi once worked at a bakery. And El-Hindi was a married father of seven.

All had moved to the Toledo area only in recent years. Still, the arrests stunned the city’s Arab-American community, which has been rooted in the city for generations and produced actor Jamie Farr and entertainer Danny Thomas.

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Barack Obama Playing on the Ignorance of American Public

Here is the headline for an article just posted by the Associated (with Terrorists) Press:

Obama hammers McCain, Bush on economy, gas prices

I saw that and just shook my head. The fact that Obama and the Democrats think that focusing on the economy and gas prices is a good thing for them shows just how ignorant are Americans when it comes to those two topics. Considering most of the blame for the economy and gas prices fall on Democrats. Yet, Obama and the Democrats get away with blaming it on President Bush and the GOP.


Ed Morrissey posted previously at HotAir **HERE** (2) and **HERE** (3) about how the mass media and the Democrats completely ignored the cause for the jump in unemployment numbers this past month: the Democrats raising the minimum wage. I also posted about how it is because of the Democrats blocking every single opportunity for the United States to become energy independent for the past 3 decades that is the cause for our high gas prices right now.

Yet, here we are with the mass media helping Obama blame these issues on President Bush, the GOP and John McCain.

But, as I said, the reason they know they can do this is because they know the American public is ignorant about these matters. So instead of actually informing the public about these issues, Obama plays on the ignorance and the angst of the public to stir up frustration and anger. This is right out of the Black Liberation Theology playbook: tap into all the things that bother people, stir up animosity and angst and then get the masses to blame evil whitey for the problems.

This is going to happen for the next 5 months. If McCain and the GOP do not grow some spines and get out there and attack this nonsense from the mass media, the Democrats and Obama, we are in for a looooong campaign season and an even longer next 4 years with Obama and the Democrats screwing up this country even more with their Marxist policies.

Also, notice what the AP writer left to paragraph NINE:

Obama offered no new policies in his speech, which he read from teleprompters. Rather, he used the occasion to emphasize his economic differences with McCain and to summarize earlier proposals. They include raising income taxes on wealthy Americans, granting a $1,000 tax cut to most others, winding down the Iraq war, tightening credit card regulations and pumping more money into education, alternative fuels and infrastructure such as roads and bridges.

In other words, he has no policies for the economy except to tax tax tax the people who give the most to the economy: the ‘rich’. Class warfare and wealth redistribution. Yeah, that will fix the economy. Uh huh. Take from the hard-working rich and give to the do-nothing poor. And then throw more money at our piss-poor education, that already has more than enough money now and the results are atrocious.

Oh and “winding down the Iraq war”? Guess what, genius. We already are “winding down the Iraq war”. Of course, you would know that were you to actually listen to the Generals in charge of the war effort as well as SECDEF Gates.

RALEIGH, N.C. – The presidential campaign turned to the economy Monday, with record gasoline prices and a spike in job losses putting Republican John McCain at a distinct disadvantage.

Hmm, how do the gasoline prices and “spike” in job losses put the GOP at a disadvantage when both were the fault of the Democrats? Oh yeah, because the mass media is spinning it that way for Obama and the Democrats – as they always do – and the ignoramuses in the American public fall for it every time.

Democrat Barack Obama seized on the issue by launching a two-week economic tour meant to highlight his differences with McCain on taxes, spending priorities and other matters. At every turn he is tying McCain to President Bush, whose approval ratings are consistently low.

Yeah, that’s rich. Obama wants to focus on taxes and spending priorities? Obama, who wants to implement the biggest tax on Americans in history with his Global Tax and spend more than any Democrat in history with his wealth redistribution policies? Please. McCain is horrible on economic issues, but at least he is not going to get rid of our tax cuts or institute a huge Global Tax that will cripple the economy.

McCain pushed back, saying Obama’s bid to end the Bush administration’s tax cuts for upper-income Americans would only worsen the already struggling economy. He is airing TV ads in key states on the Iraq war, which he sees as a better issue this fall. But he took questions on the economy from donors in Virginia on Monday, and planned a speech Tuesday to small business owners in Washington.

With many voters blaming Bush for the economic woes, Republican candidates for federal and state offices are scrambling to distance themselves from the bad news without abandoning core principles such as low taxes and modest government intervention in activities like banking and lending.

Well, McCain is completely correct about ending the tax cuts ruining the economy. But the Republicans better get their heads out of their orifices and fight back on this. Stop being such wussies and “scrambling to distance themselves from the bad news”. Stand up for yourself, you wimps! Get the damn facts out there like Ed Morrissey did at HotAir and explain to the American people about the Democrats causing our gas price ‘crisis’ and Democrats causing the unemployment ‘spike’. Get out there and fight back, damn you!

Democrats are trying to cut off any escape routes.

The centerpiece of McCain’s economic plan “amounts to a full-throated endorsement of George Bush’s policies,” Obama told about 900 people in Raleigh.

[ . . . ]

Obama offered no new policies in his speech, which he read from teleprompters. Rather, he used the occasion to emphasize his economic differences with McCain and to summarize earlier proposals. They include raising income taxes on wealthy Americans, granting a $1,000 tax cut to most others, winding down the Iraq war, tightening credit card regulations and pumping more money into education, alternative fuels and infrastructure such as roads and bridges.

Obama took part of his speech from headlines across the nation, noting that the average price of gas just hit $4 a gallon for the first time. The news followed an unusually sharp spike in the unemployment rate on Friday.

Yep, here we go, using Black Liberation Theology techniques to stir up frustration and angst and blame it on whitey, instead of informing people of the real causes of the problems. As I already stated, and as anyone knows who is actually informed on the matters, the Democrats are to blame for the gas prices and the unemployment rate. Yet, Obama is blaming these things on President Bush. And he gets away with it, because the mass media covers for him and because a good portion of this country suffers from BDS, which prevents them from thinking about things rationally and objectively.

Repeatedly linking McCain to Bush, Obama said, “our president sacrificed investments in health care, and education, and energy, and infrastructure on the altar of tax breaks for big corporations and wealthy CEOs.”

Yeah, that’s what he did, you moron. Just talking points from the great Obama. Key points which he knows the ignorant will believe. Nevermind that we have spent plenty of money in all these areas. Money is not the problem, bonehead. It is beaurocracy (health care) and failed programs (education) and too much regulation (energy). But, of course, these inconvenient facts are not good to stir up frustration and angst on the campaign trail.

Obama criticized McCain for originally opposing Bush’s first-term tax cuts but now supporting their continuation. He said he would place a windfall profits tax on oil companies while McCain would reduce their taxes.

And here we go with the ‘windfall profits tax’ nonsense. So, Obama, how is taxing the oil companies going to lower the gas prices? How is taxing the oil companies going to help them drill for more oil or open new refineries? How is taxing the oil companies going to increase supply of oil?

Answer: it will not help at all and will only make things much, much worse. How about a windfall profits tax on government Mr. Obama? How about lowering the federal gas taxes permanently? You do realize that the government takes in 3 times the amount in taxes that the oil companies make in profits don’t you? And the government uses those takes for pork projects while the oil companies use their profits for R&D to bring more oil and products to the United States.

As far as the tax cuts, everyone benefitted from them, you jackass. History shows that tax cuts stimulate the economy and raising taxes does not. McCain was wrong to oppose the tax cuts and was correct to change his mind. He was a stupid ‘maverick’ when he opposed them, just to piss off President Bush, but thankfully regained his senses when he supports them now.

“At a time when we’re fighting two wars, when millions of Americans can’t afford their medical bills or their tuition bills, when we’re paying more than $4 a gallon for gas, the man who rails against government spending wants to spend $1.2 billion on a tax break for Exxon Mobil,” Obama said. “That isn’t just irresponsible. It’s outrageous.”

Geez, get some new lying talking points would you, rookie? Geez. What an empty suit. But, again, this is typical of Black Liberation Theology. Touch on a few issues, blame all the wrong people for them and stir up the public into a fury for your own personal benefit. Brilliant. Jackass. You are irresponsible, Mr. Obama. You are outrageous. How about you mention your Global Tax, there genius? See how that plays with the American public. Even granting your premise that Exxon Mobil is getting a tax cut, at least the money is going to an American company, whereas your tax gives billion$ of Americans’ money to the rest of the world.

Hey, McCain and you incompetent bufoons in the GOP, how about you bitch slap Obama with this shit, would you please? For crying out loud.

In a conference call with reporters, Doug Holtz-Eakin, an economic adviser to McCain, said of the cl.. “I presume that they’re attributing that to the basic, across-the-board corporate rate cut that’s necessary to keep the American corporate sector competitive in the global economy and jobs in America.”

Bingo. But, of course, those facts do not matter to Obama and his Obamaniacs.

At a fundraiser in Richmond, Va., McCain noted that he supports a temporary suspension of the federal tax on gasoline, which Obama dismisses as a gimmick that will not bring down prices.

“Talk to somebody who owns a couple of trucks and makes a living with those trucks,” McCain said. “Ask them whether they’d like to have some relief — 18 1/2 cents per gallon for gasoline and 24 1/2 cents for diesel. They say it matters.”

Well, actually, both are correct here. The temporary suspension is simply an election season gimmick. If they were serious about this, they would be talking about deregulating the oil industry and the gas refining industry, permanently lowering the federal gas tax and talking about nuclear power. But, of course, no one is talking about that except those of us who aren’t demogoguing for votes.

McCain is also correct that the relief would definitely help the transportation sector, which would then greatly positively affect the rest of the industries in the nation which depend on transportation of their products (which is pretty much everything, most notably food). But, still, were McCain truly a leader, he wouldn’t be suggesting a temporary relief, but a permanent lowering of the federal gas tax.

The two differed somewhat on energy production as well. Obama called for greater government investments “in a renewable energy policy that ends our addiction on foreign oil, provides real long-term relief from high fuel costs, and builds a green economy that could create up to five million well-paying jobs that can’t be outsourced.”

He did not mention nuclear power, although in the past he has said he would not rule out a greater role for nuclear energy.

I bet he also did not mention deregulating the oil industry, deregulating oil drilling and oil refining, because, you know, those things would actually work towards solving the problems he talks about. Can’t have that.

McCain was more gung-ho about nuclear power and expanded domestic drilling for oil and natural gas. When a donor in Richmond summed up his advice as, “nuclear, and drill wherever we’ve got it,” McCain responded: “You just gave my speech. Thank you, my friend.”

Thank you, indeed. This is what I want to hear. Pound this message home Senator McCain and you will earn me into your good graces over the next 5 months. Pound it, pound it, pound it home. Again and again and again. Make sure the American people truly understand what is the solution here and put Obama in a corner from which he cannot weasel his way out.

McCain added, “Long-term, we’ve got to become used to nuclear, wind, solar, tide, all of the alternate energy, including a battery that will take a car 100 miles or 200 miles” before being recharged.

“Nuclear power, for all kinds of reasons, needs to be part of the solution,” McCain said.

Yeah, that’s fine. Key word: long-term. But in the short-term, we already know that oil and coal are the energy sources that drive the global economy. So open up every resource and take advantage of it. This will give us the time we need to develop alternative resources. But it makes absolutely NO sense to sit on billions and billions of barrels of oil and continue to import the majority of our oil from other countries, when we could actually be independent now.

Obama said he would pay for all of his new proposals from sources including the higher taxes on wealthy Americans and an end to the Iraq war. His aides said he will provide more details as the campaign goes on.

Tax tax tax and end the war. That is all that Obama knows. Tax tax tax, end the war and Hopenchange. Sorry, that is not a policy for this nation. Those are talking points spewed by class warfare demogogues and the likes of the America-haters and capitalism-haters.

The AFL-CIO, the nation’s largest labor organization, plans to help Obama by having its members protest Bush and McCain at gas stations around the country. Starting in Indianapolis, union members will hold signs saying “Bush & McCain Love Big Oil” and complain about a McCain tax proposal they say would give the five largest oil companies $3.8 billion in tax breaks.

I fucking hate unions. Guess what, assholes, I love big oil too. Maybe if you jerks weren’t fucking up my company (Ford) and the rest of the automobile industry with your constant requests for more more more money and benefits and holding the entire industry hostage with your bullshit requests and strikes, I might have some sympathy for you. But all I have seen over the course of my career in the auto industry is you rape the auto companies over the coals and every time you do it, thousands of my coworkers lose their jobs, while you lazy asses don’t give two shits about the company, you only care about your precious union and getting your money.

Get your asses out there and protest Democrats and call for more drilling for oil and more refineries. Guess what that means? More American jobs. But of course you fucking morons won’t do that, because you are slaves to your fucking unions.

Have I mentioned that I fucking hate unions?

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What She Thinks of White America is Disgusting

I have stated this before and I will state it again: I don’t see how Barack Obama will lose the general election. I mean, come on. The man is a racist Marxist, all his friends are either racists, corrupt or hate America, he has connections to Weather Underground terrorists and PLO terrorists, his spiritual and political mentors are all Marxists, racists and America-haters… and, yet… he has earned the Democrat nomination for President of the United States of America.

Republicans’ political careers have been ended by toe-tapping wide-stances in a men’s room and saying “macaca”. Yet, apparently, Americans are quite alright with a Marxist racist?


So, that said, I really don’t see, even if this is true, how it will hurt Barack Obama’s Presidential campaign. He has the mass media on his side in orgasmic adulation covering for his every mistake, and apologizing for every terrorist connection, every corrupt connection and every Marxist connection. And he gets away with his “these are not the droids you are looking for” apologetics for any kind of bad association he has.

And America swoons and faints and the orgasmic Hopenchange Express rolls on with his posse of adoring ignoramuses going along for the Marxist ride. Simply ridiculous.

But, for those who are interested, here are the details of that supposed Michelle Obama “whitey” DVD that is supposed to sink Barack Obama’s campaign. As I said, not bloody likely considering he has withstood about 10-15 things, any one of which would have destroyed anyone else’s political career. Plus, he has the mass media on his side to spin any crap into gold for him.

But, here ya go, via a comment at Flopping Aces: The Michelle Obama Whitey Tape – Update (1)

I took these comments from the HillaryClintonsupportersforJohnMcCain website. Ed who handles the website received information on the “Whitey” tape recently. He heard 2 minutes of this DVD over the phone. The person told him that it would be released in November and not before.


User Name Juju from California

Comments I will not vote for Obama under any circumstance. It doesn’t matter if Hillary is on the ticket. I’m voting for McCain.

Since Obama always says McCain-Bush, I think we should all refer to Obama as Obama/Wright/Pfleger/Rezko.


Please allow me to explain why this person will not release the DVD before the date as they have stated. one example is Doug Wilder, former governor of Va or WV, I cannot remember, said on more than one occasion,”If Obama does not get the nomination, then all blacks will consider it stole from Obama, and the riots of 1968 will be nothing compared to those of 2008″.

More than just this leader has made those statements. The person that has the DVD is afraid to release it before the date they have set. They do not want to be the person that started the riots. This person feels that all the thugs are waiting on is a reason to start and destroy this country. The reason I was told and allowed to hear it, was because I could tell everyone it exist and that Obama will not be the president, that was the reason I was given. I understand this person position and I respect them. I cannot and will not violate their trust in me. Even if this mean Hillary is not our nominee, I cannot help it. Thanks for your time and understanding – Ed


User Name NO Obama (FL)

Comments Ed, can you tell us more or less what was said?

Do you trust the person you heard it from and is there a way you can talk this person into releasing it or letting you record it?

And who is this person? Not a name if you can’t say but are they like a republican high offical or what? Thanks so much!

Yes, I trust this person very much. This person is not a “Republican”, in fact I don’t know what their political stand is. Also this is not a White person. I will not release this person name and prehaps I have said too much now. This person sent me a email asking me to call them. They said the reason they wanted me to know was that this web site has had almost a 1 million in less than a week. I was very surpirsed and honored that they choose me to talk to you. I will try and get them to release the DVD before the convention. I will use everything that God gave me to get this job done. I am a Texan and we don’t give up. ED


User Name NO Obama

Comments Ed, have you actually heard the whitey tapes?

Yes, I heard about 2 minutes of her ranting at Bill Clinton and Hillary over the phone. Ed


User Name Chris

Comments Are the “whitie” tapes video ?

Yes, it is a DVD, I only heard the audio part, they would not send me a sample. I understand that it is over 30 minutes long some of it had been edited. From what I was told, this will make every white American angry. What she thinks of the white America is disgusting. – Ed

June 8th, 2008 at 8:56 am

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