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Nancy Pelosi: I Know You Are, But What am I?!?

I can do nothing anymore, but shake my head when I read such imcompetent, pathetic, childish idiocy coming from the Democratic “leadership”. And to think that there are other incompetent, pathetic, childish, ignoramuses who support and vote for this woman.

Instead of owning up to her own failures, broken promises and lies, she instead deflects criticism and turns it on President Bush. Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. No accountability whatsoever.

And people wonder why our country is in the shape in which it is in? Just look at “leaders” such as Pelosi and your fellow Americans who vote for her and her colleagues. And there you will find your answer.
House Speaker Pelosi calls Bush ‘a total failure’ (1)

WASHINGTON – President Bush has been a “total failure” in everything from the economy to the war to energy policy, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Thursday. In an interview on CNN, the California Democrat was asked to respond to video of the president criticizing the Democratic-led Congress for heading into the final 26 days of the legislative session without having passed a single government spending bill.

Hmmm, whose fault is the economy? Last I checked, it has been doing fine under the Bush Administration, no thanks to the Democrats and the mass media proclaiming it the worst economy since the Great Depression every day for the past 5 years, scaring the American people.

Hmm, whose fault is the war effort? Last I checked, it has been a great success and we have won the war effort and our military is now simply working to hand over security and control to the improving Iraqi government and military forces. No thanks to the Democrats and the mass media who have been calling this war effort a “quagmire” and comparing it unfavorable to Vietnam since 2003 – in other words, pretty much since the day it began. Not to mention all their lies the war effort, their smearing of the US military and its members and the fact that the mass media pretty much fails to report anything positive coming out of Iraq for the past 5 years.

Hmmm, whose fault is energy policy? Last I checked, the Democrats have blocked domestic oil exploration, drilling and refining for the past 3 decades, which has put us in the situation in which we find ourselves today. They also push the biggest hoax in the history of the world in ‘man-caused global warming’ which led them to passing lousy legislation which raised the world-wide price of food which has led to millions starving across the world. And today, Democrats still refuse to drill.

And yet, Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats have the utter audacity to blame all this on President Bush.

Since Nancy and the Democrats don’t seem to understand logic and common sense, I will just put this in terms you probably will understand: FUCK YOU, YOU INCOMPETENT, IGNORANT, PATHETIC BITCH.

Do I feel better? Nope. That will only happen when you dolts are finally out of office and have stopped mucking up this nation with your incompetence and stupidity.

Pelosi shot back in unusually personal terms.

“You know, God bless him, bless his heart, president of the United States, a total failure, losing all credibility with the American people on the economy, on the war, on energy, you name the subject,” Pelosi replied. She then tsk-tsked Bush for “challenging Congress when we are trying to sweep up after his mess over and over and over again.”

White House spokeswoman Dana Perino defended Bush.

“What the president said is a fact — this is the longest a Congress has gone in 20 years without passing a single spending bill, so it’s clear that the speaker is feeling some frustration at their inability to do so.”

Pelosi’s outburst was a departure. Her usual practice in public has been to call Bush’s policies a failure — not his presidency or him, personally. Pelosi’s remarks are the latest evidence of the Democrats’ throw-caution-to-the-wind approach to Bush in the waning days of a presidency weighed down by an unpopular war and soaring gasoline prices.

Election Day, after all, is just over four months away; Bush’s successor takes his seat on Jan. 20.

Pelosi’s counterpart in the Senate, Majority Leader Harry Reid, long ago took off the rhetorical gloves. Last month, he ridiculed Republicans who sided with Bush on a Medicare bill.

“Who would be afraid of him?” Reid, D-Nev., said as many senators looked on. “He’s got a 29 percent approval rating.”

The public’s view of Congress is even worse. Its approval rating has hit a new low of just 18 percent, down from 23 percent last month, according to a new AP-Ipsos poll. Bush’s approval is at 28 percent, about even with the 29 percent rating last month.

Only 16 percent of those surveyed thought the country was moving in the right direction, a new low as well, although statistically the same as last month’s 17 percent.

Last week Reid and other Democrats dropped any pretense of trying to fight the president on battles they were likely to lose — even on the most important part of their jobs, which is passing spending bills that keep the government running.

Of the 12 annual appropriations bills, Congress is likely to pass one or two and send Bush a temporary spending fix for the rest. That would have to suffice until a new president takes office, Reid told reporters.

Privately, Democrats have said that either candidate for president — Democrat Barack Obama or Republican John McCain — would be easier to make laws with than Bush. But Reid made clear which he’d prefer.

“I would hope that before we would leave here this year that we would do a continuing resolution that would get us (through) until after Senator Obama becomes president,” he said.

Yeah, because Senator Hopenchange will save us from the Congress’ utter failure and incompetence. Uh huh.

*shaking my head*




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