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Comedians Afraid to Tell Jokes About Obama

This is what the Presidential campaign of Barack Obama has wrought. Nobody can make fun of a man, simply because he is Black. If you do, then you are deemed ‘racist’.

In other words, Barack Obama can do or say whatever he wants, and no one will call him out on it, because they are all afraid to be deemed ‘racist’ by race-mongers.


Get ready for 8 years of this nonsense.

James Lewis at The American Thinker Blog: How Obama could prove he has a sense of humor

The nation is worried. Comedians from New York to LA are trying to figure out if they are allowed to make jokes about Barack Obama. Or even if they can think of any. REPORT about guy who said 20 times “don’t think I’m a racist, but…”.

Mr. Obama apparently lacks a sense of humor about himself, his prominet ears, and his wife. It’s a National — no it’s a Global Comedy Crisis.

Think I’m kidding? In the LA Times, comedian Joel Stein writes that

“Since the New Yorker dropped a bum joke on its cover this week, comedians have appeared on every news outlet to whine about how hard it is to make fun of Barack Obama. Really? They have an arsenal of jokes to use against a 71-year-old ex-POW cancer survivor and Obama is too touchy a subject?

“… When I called “Simpsons” writer Matt Selman for help on Obama jokes … Selman nervously said, “Don’t make me look racist!” about 20 times before and after telling me his joke.”

That’s the real problem, of course. All the comedians are scared gutless by the Official Obama Rulebook Against Offensive Jokes Aimed at Me. As the Leftist UK Guardian explains to the world, “Obama is off-limits.”

It’s a politician’s paradise on earth. Nobody can laugh at him! It’s the funniest thing since Joe Stalin.


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