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Election 2008: The Ultimate Test of Racial Equality

I’m really getting fed up with this nonsense that if one does not vote for Obama, then one is racist. But this is exactly how the Left and Democrat-supporters have framed this election. The irony is that this shows that it is the Left and the Democrats who are the true racists, not those of us who judge a man by his character, instead of the color of his skin.

Via Amy Holmes at NRO The Corner Blog: Times for the Race Card

[New York Times:] “And before he posed what may be the ultimate test of racial equality — whether Americans will elect a black president — he led students through African-Americans’ long fight for equal status.”

For the Times, this whole election is just that: “the ultimate test of racial equality.” If Obama loses, it can only be for one reason: America failed this test, and is irremediably racist. Debates about Iraq, the economy, energy, taxes, and all the rest, are just sideshows. If you’re racially enlightened, you’ll vote for Obama. If you’re not you won’t.

It must be so gratifying, and self-satisfying, to think like this. No need to think. Just divide the world into right-thinking people and evil racists who vote for Republicans.


July 30, 2008 , 2:56AM - Posted by | 2008 Presidential Election, Barack Obama, Liberalism, Racism

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