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Democrats Want $10/gallon Gasoline

I said previously, if you vote for Democrats, you are an idiot.

Via Ed Morrissey at HotAir:

How high will Democrats let the price of gas get before considering the option of drilling for more oil? Ken Salazar (D-CO) has set the bar in today’s action in the Senate. Gas can hit $10 per gallon and the Democrats still won’t act…

[ . . . ]

Republicans should use a very simple message. We have enough oil to satisfy American needs for at least the next 100 years, but Democrats won’t let you have it. They’d rather you pay $10 per gallon at the pump and watch food prices increase 250% rather than agree to drilling. If you don’t want $10 per gallon gas, vote Republican.


August 1, 2008 , 1:14PM - Posted by | Democrats, Economy, Energy, Gas Prices, Liberalism

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