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Are They Journalists or are They Americans?

I have to admit that the first thing that came to mind after reading this post at Blackfive about a FOX News Channel cameraman, Chris Jackson, rescuing a wounded U.S. Marine after an IED blast was along the same lines as commentor “Grimmy”:

“I suspect many libs will be condemning this cameraman for abandoning his “journalistic integrity” and doing anything other than standing by and filming the Marine as he burned to death.”

That was my thought as well. Actually I was thinking, for any other “journalist”, and especially a cameraman, their first instinct would have been “ooh! ooh! We’ve got action here! Where’s my camera so I can get this on tape and broadcast this exciting footage to the world to show how horrible it is here in Afghanistan and how Americans troops are failing!”

And then I got to thinking about how so-called journalists have always stated that they have to be “impartial” when it comes to war reporting and not “cheerlead” for the United States to succeed. They have to remain “impartial” and be journalists before they are Americans.


So, I’d like to know why journalists remain “impartial” when it comes to America’s efforts in war, however, journalists throw that impartiality to the wind when it comes to American politics.

Apparently, they are journalists before they are Americans and they are Democrats and Leftists before they are journalists.

Actually, in my opinion, all journalists are scumbags until they prove otherwise. Mr. Chris Jackson, you have proven otherwise. Kudos to you, sir. And kudos to FOX News Channel for employing such a man.


August 4, 2008 , 6:30PM - Posted by | Media Bias, Operation Iraqi Freedom, War Effort in Iraq

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