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2008 is Not ’McCain or Bust’

Via my discussion at HotAir:

“I don’t believe we have the luxury of sacrificing four or eight years to teach Senator McCain a lesson or to help maintain the GOP brand (the brand argument was always weak to me). The stakes are too high and the truth is that eight years of Obama could be a game changer for the long run.”Mormon Doc on August 17, 2008 at 9:44 PM

My worry for months has been based on the talk of so called conservatives who say that it is basically either McCain or bust. What that tells me is that these so called conservatives are putting everything into the Presidential election and if Obama wins, they will become like those people who needed professional help after President Bush won in 2004. Or they won’t be that bad, but they will simply give up on this nation and on being active in politics, because they felt it was all or nothing in the general election.

That is wrong.

This election is not the be all, end all. If Obama wins, the country will go on. Might be worse, might be the same. Heck, might be better somehow. None of us know. However, this fatalistic attitude among so called conservatives that McCain has to win otherwise we are doomed is pathetic. It sounds like what I heard from the Left prior to 2004. I thought it was pathetic coming from the Left and I think it is pathetic coming from the Right as well.

This isn’t about ‘teaching Senator McCain a lesson’. This is about the nation. This is about what is best for the country in the near future and the distant future.

The point that people seem to be missing is that this isn’t about two men, this is about ideology and what is best for America. Americans shouldn’t support Presidents or Senators or Congressmen, they should support their city, their State and their Nation above all. Presidents will come and go. They will either help or harm the nation in small or large ways. What makes this country continue on is its people.

Thus, the important thing is not to support a candidate, but to support an ideology. Support principles and values. Our politicians are a reflection of the values or lack of values of the American public. Thus, Obama and McCain being poor candidates is a testament to our society being a poor society that needs education, needs inspiration and needs to be reminded of what makes this nation great.

Obama doesn’t make this nation great. McCain doesn’t make it great. The ideals and values and principles of this nation and the American people who uphold and stick to those ideals and values and principles make this country great decade after decade, generation after generation.

My problem is reading people put their faith in politicians and political parties instead of the ideals and values and principles of this nation.

Michael in MI on August 17, 2008 at 10:00 PM


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