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I Miss You

The inspiration:  ACHE – James Carrington


I Miss You

Innocent and sweet
Soft and tender
Like a gentle embrace
Like a passionate entanglement
Moist and pouty
Tongue tracing them slowly
A passionate dance together
Inflaming my passions
Weakening my knees
Stealing my breath
I fall in love with you
The first time
Every time
I miss
The kiss of your lips

Firm yet gentle
Soft and warm
Intertwined together
Fitting perfectly
While we dance
While we drive
While we sit together
While we walk
On the back of my neck
as we kiss
Around my shoulders
as we embrace
Exciting my heart
Calming my soul
The first time
Every time
I miss
The touch of your hands

Soft and warm
The rhythmic beating of your heart
Pulling me close
As if to make us both one
It gives me strength
It makes me weak
Comfortable and safe
It feels like home
The first time
Every time
I miss
The warmth of your embrace

Kindness and compassion
Passion and love
Fireplace warmth
Mountainous strength
Peaceful as a stream
Heavenly safe
The first time
I miss
The comfort of your heart

Inspiring me
Challenging me
Humoring me
Surprising me
Teaching me
Humbling me
Strengthening me
Making me a better man
Your kiss
Your touch
Your embrace
Your heart
My Love,
I miss

~~~ Michael J Yore – 10-28-2008 ~~~

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