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I Feel Like I have been Betrayed. This is the Rise of the “me” Generation…

This was both heartbreaking and absolutely enraging to read: Overseas Troop’s Reactions to the Election.

The more and more I see the reactions of the dupes that voted for Obama and then see the reactions of those who will suffer from Obama’s Presidency, the more angry I get. The soldier in this article is exactly correct: this is the rise of the me-me-me, gimme-gimme-gimme generation. These people only care about themselves and feeeeeelings. Hence their voting for a completely unqualified tool solely on the basis of Blackness and feeeeeeeling good that America has a Black President. Nevermind the fact that he has no qualifications, no accomplishments and a political history full of racism, communism, socialism and Marxism. Oh yeah and being friends and working with anti-American domestic terrorists.

These same people shat on respectable Blacks who rose to positions of great honor such as Clarence Thomas, Colin Powell and Condoleeza Rice. Not to mention Michael Steele. Obama’s spiritual mentor of 2 decades called Condoleeza Rice “Condoskeeza” and the Left and Democrats did nothing but demonize Clarence Thomas and still do to this day. So they can take their pride in this nation and shove it. They weren’t prideful about Clarence Thomas, Colin Powell or Condoleeza Rice and they did nothing but demonize them. They are disgusting and contemptible.

Sitting on a couch in front of the television in the early hours of the morning, an Army Captain watched as the election results were being reported. He shook his head in disgust. “This is proof that the media can elect a President.” The room walls were grey concrete, the floor covered in a red Afghan rug, the sofa and love seat torn and worn down from constant use. The dusty television was set in a plywood box; a field made “entertainment” cabinet. The Captain continued, “I take [Obama’s] not wearing the flag on his lapel and his reasoning very personally. Fuck him. That flag is more than just about a country and its ideas; it is about the man on your left and right that you fight with and die for.” The Master Sergeant sitting in the room commented,“He has no use for soldiers. He never took the time on his tours to spend time with soldiers, only senior commanders and foreign politicians.”

As the morning progressed and the polls began to close, more soldiers filled into the room. It was now standing room only as Obama’s electoral count pushed passed 200. Another Captain spoke up, “If McCain can win California and Texas he still has a chance.” A Lieutenant grabbed the television remote and began flipping through the channels. “Look as these newscasters. These fuckers are making this a racial issue. This was never about race.” As he continued through the channels, every major network was interviewing an African-American, discussing some form of a “coming of age” of America. Another soldier spoke up, “This is not about race. It’s about religion. That is the war the we are facing. I want to see what book Obama swears in on.”

As the morning progressed, the electoral totals confirmed Obama’s win. The mood fell quiet, a feeling as if one of their own had been killed in battle. I looked across the room to a Major sitting near the back corner. ” The issues of race that are spouted by mouthpieces like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and others can no longer be argued. There is now a black President. I don’t trust him, but then again, this is what this country is about… allowing an African American unknown to rise to President. As they say, be careful what you wish for. The American public will get what it asked for, whatever that turns out to be.”

Another soldier continued, “You know what really sucks is that none of our votes count. Sure, we voted, but they are absentee ballots. They only are counted in the event of a tie. What type of statement is that towards democracy. You fight, you die, but your vote while deployed doesn’t count.”

The group discussion continued, “As a military officer I will serve whoever is Commander and Chief. But this is the wrong guy for the job, and the wrong time for our country. He’s weak.” The soldier continued, “The greatest fear for a military officer is dedicating your life to a fight that ends up meaning nothing. This generation of Americans behind Obama is the “me” generation. They haven’t served their country, they serve themselves. They haven’t buried their friends for a cause they believed in and fought and died for. Now those friends that I buried will have died for nothing. All Obama wants to do is get us out.”

[ … ]

I looked over at a Captain sitting on a chair, slumped down, arms on the table. I asked him if he was alright. “I have no energy today. I feel like I have been betrayed. This is the rise of the “me” generation into the places of power.” The soldier next to him looked across the table at me, “I’m done. It has gotten harder and harder to do our job. This election is the final blow. I just need to finish up my time and get out.” As he dropped his head, another Captain slid his chair to the table, “Obama is now our President. We’re not happy about it. It sucks. But now that he is our President, we will support him. That’s part of being an American soldier. That’s what makes our country strong.”

I would like to know which book Obama swears in on as well. No, I don’t mean the Koran, I mean the Black Liberation Theology book(s). Obama is neither a Muslim nor a Christian. He is a smooth talking racist and follower of Saul Alinsky and Black Liberation Theology.

And now he is our President. Brilliant.


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  1. I could’nt Agree more. I am almost ashamed of my fellow Americans for sacrificing their patriotism and loyalty to America, just for the sake of ‘making history’. I will Pray everyday, and every night for America, the one that I love, as well as the soldiers and their spirits. God Bless America!

    Comment by fedup2 | November 9, 2008 , 6:49PM

  2. Wow, I can not agree with you more. I am so ashamed that we voted Obama in on a whim……..I am 23 but voted for McCain/Palin.I hope Palin runs in 2012. Can I add your blog to my blogroll?

    Comment by Jennifer | November 19, 2008 , 4:00PM

  3. You live in a delusional world which feeds on half-truths and innuendo. Limbaugh is a merchant of hubris. This scary black guy idea right-wingers have been trying to paint Obama as, well, the voters didn’t get fooled by right wingers this time. The cowboy swagger politics of the past seemed like a good idea, and we bought into it, but look what it got us, dead Americans who died to bring stability to a region we would not need to be in if we had a visionary energy policy.

    Thank God Obama is president. He might not be the “savior”, but he’s a wiser, more intelligent man than that what is there now.

    Comment by Thaddeus Gadfly | November 23, 2008 , 5:08AM

  4. “Thank God Obama is president. He might not be the “savior”, but he’s a wiser, more intelligent man than that what is there now.”

    Right. And you know this based on his entire political career of no accomplishments and no successes. Community organizing? Complete failure as Chicago’s communities are still failing. Chicago Annenberg Challenge? Complete failure as Chicago’s public schools are still some of the worst in the nation. The school in Kenya he promised the kids he would finance? Still hasn’t sent them any money. His family who live poverty around the country and around the world? He hasn’t lifted a finger to help them.

    Name one thing this empty suit Affirmative Action messiah has accomplished in his life other than writing books and giving speeches to make you believe he is qualified to be Washington DC dogcatcher let alone President.

    Comment by michaelinmi | November 23, 2008 , 11:50AM

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