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The 38% – The Don’t-Give-a-Shiitters

So, according to this post at NRO The Corner, the turnout was 130 Million, or 61.2% of eligible voters.
Obama earned ~52% of the 130 Million = 67.6 Million votes.
McCain earned ~48% of the 130 Million = 62.4 Million votes.
130 Million is 61.2% of 212,418,301 eligible voters.
Adjusting the percentages to see what each candidate earned of eligible voters:
67.6 Million / 212.4 Million = 31.8%
62.4 Million / 212.4 Million = 29.4%
212.4 Million – 130 Million = 82,418,301
82.4 Million / 212.4 Million = 38.8%
No one can say that the country is united behind Barack Obama when a higher plurality of people didn’t give a sh*t enough to bother to vote than did actually vote for The One messiah.
No, this is probably not much different than any other election year.  But that is the point.  Obama did not inspire the nation.  There were more people who were apathetic to even vote than who voted for him.  And turnout was no different than past years.

November 11, 2008 , 2:53AM - Posted by | 2008 Presidential Election, Barack Obama, John McCain

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