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Election 2008: Rewarding Vitriol, Lies, Smears and Hatred

A couple of comments I left at Flopping Aces: Moving On


“I can see that many of you are very upset over the election, and I understand that, but please understand that name-calling and bad-mouthing will get you nowhere.”

I continue to see people say this, yet I have watched the Democrat Party and the Left participate in nothing but name-calling, bad-mouthing and vitriolic hate for the past 5 years, and it seems to have gotten them majorities in the House, Senate and the White House.

So the problem is not “name calling and bad mouthing”, it is hypocrisy. The Left, the mass media and the Democrats can participate in this stuff to their hearts’ desire, with absolutely no repurcussions. In fact, they are greatly rewarded for being hateful, vitriolic a**holes.

Meanwhile, a Republican says “macaca”, had a “wide stance” in a bathroom, or exchanges e-mails with a male Congressional page and the entire GOP is smeared and tainted.

In addition, the Left, the mass media and the Democrat Party can spend the last 5 years smearing the entire military on anything and everything, while the President and the Right do their best to successfully win a war in the heart of the Middle East, and what happens… the President and the Right are smeared and get no credit, while the Left and the Democrats and the mass media are rewarded handsomely for their despicable actions.

So, please, stop with the “name calling and bad mouthing will get you nowhere” crap. Because the Left, the Democrats and the mass media have been doing it for years to great reward and success.

Am I going to now participate in this kind of hateful nonsense? No, because I actually have some integrity and class. But let’s stop with the nonsense that name-calling and bad-mouthing does not work. It worked marvelously for the Left, Democrats and mass media for the past 5 years.


“I can only conclude then that if the Obama supporters were not idiots and actually did do their research then they knowingly and willfully voted for a man who is a socialist, for a man who, willingly and with forethought, by design and purpose, consorted with socialists, communists and domestic terrorists. And on the odd occasion he also had dealings with a man convicted of bribing politicians.”


I had a conversation with a pen pal who said she was voting for Obama and I flat out told her that anyone supporting Obama was either (1) a socialist/racist/Marxist/communist like Obama or (2) simply lacked character, because they dismissed his relationships with socialists, racists, Marxists, communists and terrorists in his decades long political career or (3) they were naive and ignorant to not know about his background.

I told her I could deal with someone being (3) considering I had talked with some Obama supporters in my office and shared with them the info on Obama’s background that was not being covered in the news (Rev Wright, Weather Underground, Chicago Annenberg Challenge, Bill Ayers, his support of infanticide and rolling back every regulation of abortion and making it publicly funded), but to think that a majority of people fall into categories (1) and (2) was simply depressing. She responded by saying “we just differ in our values” and “I’m not naive and ignorant”. She then told me after the election that she was now proud of our country, and that she hasn’t been able to say that very much in her life.

I was hoping that she fell into category (1), but her responses proved that she fell into (1) and (2). That was very discouraging, to say the least.

But I agree with you that it is much more comforting to think that 60+ million people voted for Obama out of sheer ignorance than to think that 60+ million people agree with socialism, Marxism, communism, racism of the likes of Rev Wright and Bill Ayers and have no problem with the anti-America, Black Supremacist ideologies of Wright and Ayers and knowing their President spent his entire two+ decade political career with these ideologies as his core.

If Obama supporters are now going to tell us that they were not ignorant, but very well informed and voted for Obama anyway, that is even worse than being ignorant.


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  1. Sadly, a big chuck voted for him because of Ayers and Wright, Not a majority, maybe not even a plurality, but a solid base that really believes the ayers wright crap. Those solid lefties are laughing there ass of now at how they duped the country. It will make the victory in 2012 that much sweeter.

    Comment by rverdi09 | November 15, 2008 , 5:50PM

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