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Tomorrow, Will Teleprompter Jesus ask God to DAMN America?

After reading this from Curt at Flopping Aces, I find myself wondering…

Will ‘Teleprompter Jesus’ conclude his speech tomorrow by saying, in the words of his mentor, “and god DAMN the United States of KKK America!!!”?

I wonder if he will also rip down all the flags and crumple them all up and stand on them like his buddy Billy Ayers?

I wonder if he will allude, in the words of his spiritual mentor and friend of 2 decades, to the “Fondling Fathers” of this nation?

I wonder if he will forgive us all our daily trespasses of White Greed and the original sin of spreading the AIDS virus to wipe out Black people?

All I know is that when I hear ‘Teleprompter Jesus’ talk, I hear the teacher from Charlie Brown: “wah wah wahwahwah Hope wahwah wah wah wah Change wah Hope wah wah Change wahwah Change Hope wah Hope wah wah Change”.

And then I turn and see 52% of my fellow American voters, in a creepy cult-like manner, chant “Oh-baaaaah-mah… Oh-baaaah-mah… Oh-baaaah-mah…”

I wonder if The Obama will sell Obama Prayer Rugs, that his cult followers can kneel on 5 times a day, facing Washington, D.C. and chant “Hope, Change, I pledge to be a servant of Oh-baaaah-mah. Hope, Change, I pledge to be a servant of Oh-baaaah-mah.” Not as catchy as “Alahu Ackbar” or “Aloha Snackbar”, but maybe they’ll come up with something better in the next 4 years.


January 19, 2009 , 11:26PM - Posted by | Barack Obama, Black Liberation Theology, Communism, Liberalism, Marxism, Racism, Reverend Dr Jeremiah Wright, Socialism, Trinity United Church of Christ, William Ayers

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