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We All Need to Stop Borderline Idol-Worship of *Any* Politician

I left this comment over at this post at HotAir:  Ultimate Heart-Ache:  Palin Supports the Stimulus?

I think we all (right and left) need to stop our borderline idol-worship of *any* politician. Some may be good people, but, in the end, they are all nothing but flawed people and flawed politicians. Some are better than others, but none are perfect, none are worship-worthy.

We can all appreciate their good points, praise their past good works, give a hearty ‘hear hear!’ on things they say and do with which we agree and strongly disagree and fight them on things with which we disagree. However, the irrational hatred and irrational worship of any politician on any side of the aisle needs to stop.

Every politician needs to be held to account.  And the rule for politics, based on hundreds of years of history, should be that all politicians are corrupt scumbags with a hidden personal agenda until proven otherwise. No politician should be trusted. None.

These people are not celebrities, they are public servants. It is their *JOB* to do as we want them to do. When they do something good, they are not to be praised and adored and worshipped. They are to be reminded that what they did was simply what they were *supposed* to do and if they think they’re going to get praised, ‘think again, you did your job, now continue doing it as you’re *supposed* to do’.

Politics is not some pop culture American Idol game show cult contest. And we *all* need to stop treating it as such. It is a f***ing job. They are *our* servants, not the other way around.

And none of us should give a darn if they look like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt or if they look like Helen Thomas and Michael Moore… so long as they do their damn jobs. Which is to serve *us*, We, the People.

All this idol-worship does is give these public servants huge egos and a bloated sense of self worth and self importance. The fact is none of these shlubs is any better than the rest of us. The only thing separating them from most of us is money and knowing the right people (just look at Obama’s successful rise. Look where he built himself, from his donors to his shady associates. He’s no better than any other Black man, except he knew the right people and had enough money).

Michael in MI on February 1, 2009 at 4:30 PM

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