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Tuesday’s Terrific Though Terrifying Tales of Trials and Tribulations

* So I bought a new pair of cross-trainers today. Well, I take that back, I actually bought them yesterday, but I used them for the first time this morning at the Rec Center. Since last week when I finally decided to get back to my cardio routine after over a year lapse, I was experiencing numbness in my feet after 15 minutes on the Elliptical machine. It would happen from the ball of my foot up to my toes on each foot after about 15-20 minutes of going on the machine. At first I thought it was just because I hadn’t done cardio in a while, so my body was probably taking a bit to adjust. But then after playing walleyball on Sunday night and having the balls of my feet in utter pain, feeling like I was playing in my socks, I realized that it was my worn down shoes which were the problem. So today I used them for the first time on the Elliptical trainer for 30 minutes and it felt a lot better, but I still had some numbness develop about 20 minutes in this time. I’m wondering now if it is the way I am standing on the thing or the way I am applying my weight. My back has been messed up for a while, so maybe I need to change my posture on the machine while I stride. Or it could be that my legs and feet are messed up. I have to really hope that is not the case, since I don’t have health insurance right now.

* So I have this huge hole in the crotch of my mesh shorts that I wear for walleyball and cardio. I wear compression shorts underneath, so I am not worried about anyone seeing my briefs or boxers or anything like that. But it’s still embarrassing when I am sitting down stretching. But I just can’t find a good pair of shorts that really fit me, since I have gained so much weight. Plus I have another pair that is fine, but they don’t fit me well, since I’ve gained weight. I figure that having to wear these old shorts will shame me into working harder to lose the weight.

* Speaking of not fitting in clothes, I only have 3-4 t-shirts that even fit me now that I have gained so much weight in my upper body and stomach areas. And one of those shirts is so worn out that a hole has developed in the armpit area of one of the sleeves. It’s not too noticeable (I don’t think) unless I raise my arms (which I make sure not to do). But it just means that I can only wear that shirt on the days that I only do cardio and not to walleyball and not on the days that I do weightlifting before my cardio. Again, I figure this embarrassment will force me to work harder to lose the weight and then be able to fit into my old shirts again.

That’s about all of anything interesting today that I can remember. Not very terrific or terrifying afterall, I guess.


February 17, 2009 , 11:45PM - Posted by | Life

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