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Why Can’t I Meet Women with This Mindset?

I’m not sure why I bothered to read the comments of this post at Ace of Spades HQ regarding the interview of Governor Sarah Palin’s teenage daughter Bristol.  But I am glad that I did, for it was worth it to get to this comment left by “CMS2004”.  If only there were more women with this attitude nowadays.

[Bristol Palin:]  “Because it’s (pre-marital, casual sex) more and more accepted.”

Ah, the good old “but everyone else is doing it!” outlook.  Classic teenagerese. I don’t have much sympathy for Bristol, because speaking as someone who did in fact abstain from sex until marriage, it wasn’t all that difficult.  You just do it (or, rather, don’t do it) and if your boyfriend doesn’t like it, tough shit.  I went through a vast number of so-called “men” who dumped me when they realized that despite their best efforts I wasn’t going to put out, until I found my husband.  Who, miracles of miracles, respected me all the more for my decision and convictions.  Bristol can take her “it’s more and more accepted” and kiss my butt.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of the Palins, but the girl came across as a total idiot in this interview.  I’m not sure what she thought she’d gain by going on TV.

Frankly I think it’s just another example of the media pushing sex on society — virgins are freaks, whores are cool.  The Jonas Brothers suck (which, well, they do actually) while Paris Hilton is awesome (OK she’s not, but she is a whore). The whole thing makes me as ill now as it did back in high school. When I was in school the abstience aspect of sex ed was comprised of one single line: “Abstinence is the only 100% effective way to not get pregnant or an STD. Now, let’s talk about dental dams!” If they spent more time showing how it’s NOT COOL to have sex and less time facilitating young people getting it on, maybe society’s outlook on abstinence would change. 

Posted by: CMS2004 at February 17, 2009 12:03 PM

I’m glad I was not the only one to think that Bristol came across as a complete idiot in this interview.  Not only that, but why was she doing the interview in the first place?  Unless she’s a media/attention whore.  There’s absolutely no reason for her to go on TV and tell the world about her story of pre-marital, casual sex, getting pregnant from said sex and then having a baby out of wedlock (which I will admit is a much preferred choice than aborting the baby, so I am glad she chose to have the baby).  Especially after she saw the utter vitriolic and hateful demonization done to her entire family by the mass media and the Left (but I repeat myself) during Sarah Palin’s campaign with John McCain.  There was absolutely nothing to gain from this interview and only scorn and ridicule to be brought upon her again, at a time when she should be focusing on learning to be a caring mother for her newborn baby (and cultivating her ongoing relationship with her presumably soon-to-be husband).

Which brings up another point that seemed to be lost on the commenters at Ace of Spades HQ, the majority of whom could only focus on trashing Debbie Schlussel with every demeaning name in the book or praising Bristol for her “courage” and “bravery” to go on TV and talk about her ridiculous situation.  But somehow missed by most was the fact that Sarah Palin made some comments against the Pork Bill and against the “Fairness” Doctrine, yet, instead of that being the focus message, this interview and Bristol Palin’s comments now allow the mass media to completely distract the public with meaningless nonsense, as well as give them another opportunity to promote casual sex, demonize conservatism and smear the Palin family.  Just brilliant.

At a time when the message should be focused on the Democrats’ and B.O.’s destruction of this country through socialism/Marxism, we have people more interested in trashing Debbie Schlussel and making a hero out of a single unwed teen mother.  Brilliant.

Another great comment that was good to read.  I went back to the post and decided to see if there was any discussion since the last time I had looked earlier today and came across this comment left by John F Not Kerry, that was also a breath of fresh air.  I wish I knew more people with these attitudes.

I have nothing bad to say about Bristol Palin.  But she is wrong.  Abstinence is realistic, if you let it be.  If you put yourself in situations where abstaining is difficult, you have yourself to blame.  My wife and I married as virgins at age 27, and neither of us has any regrets.  Our marriage is only stronger for it.  Was I taking a risk that we might not be “sexually compatible”?  Sure, but that never really occured to me, because I was making a commitment to her, not sex.

In this oversexed media culture, perhaps there are more pressures to be sexually active.  But to call it unrealistic is to toss away teachings that have protected and provided for billions of people over thousands of years.  I accept Bristol and her baby (and her boyfriend, whatever his name is).  They are precious in God’s sight, as much as anyone else is.  But Bristol’s way of thinking is just plain wrong, and has led many down a path they wish they had never trodden.

Posted by: John F Not Kerry at February 17, 2009 05:45 PM

February 17, 2009 , 7:08PM - Posted by | Abstinence, Conservatism, Relationships, Sarah Palin, Socialism

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