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Are You a Communist or an American Citizen?

Amazingly enough, though this is an old movie, the message is very appropriate for today’s times.

Some excerpts:

“Our freedom stems from the fact that America is a republic, founded on a constitution, and dedicated to the principle of democracy and the worth of the individual. The people rule.”

“…and if we remember our previous lessons, we know that this economic abundance is possible in America because incentives for progress and other factors built into our dynamic private enterprise system have enabled us to utilize our resources to the fullest extent.”


“If we permit our great system to crumble through the apathy of our citizenship, we shall lose not only our freedom, but our prosperity and our still brighter future.”


“What then must we do as citizens? What are our obligations of citizenship?

1. Understand what makes America tick
2. Understand tactics of communism
3. Understand disguises of socialism
4. Understand propaganda techniques
5. Take interest in education
6. Become active in government
7. Strive for spiritual growth
8. Dedicate part of every day to citizenship

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It is Time to Wake Up and Smell the Communism, People

I respect David Horowitz a great deal for his collection of work and ideological progression from basically communism to conservatism. In fact, his FrontPageMagazine site is a weekly read of mine. However, in his latest piece, I have to strongly take issue with his request that essentially we need to calm down about the creeping Communism in this country, directed by President Teleprompter himself.

Here is his article, via HotAir headlines: Obama Derangement Syndrome

It is also true Obama has ceded his domestic economic agenda to the House Democrats and spent a lot of money in the process. But what’s the surprise in this? After all, Bush and McCain both proposed (and in Bush’s case pushed through) massive government giveaways (which amount to government takeovers as well). This is bad, but it doesn’t make Obama a closet Mussolini, however deplorable the conservatives among us may regard it. Moreover, he’s already run into political resistance even within his own party. Charlie Rangel has made it clear that the itemized deduction tax hike is not going through his committee – and that should tell you that the American system, the one the Founders created, is still in place.

Even as astute a conservative thinker as Mark Steyn has been swept up in the tide that thinks Obama is a “transformative” radical. But look again at his approach to the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. In both cases, as noted, he is carrying out the Bush policies – the same that he once joined his fellow Democrats in condemning. And that should be reassuring to anyone concerned about where he is heading as commander-in-chief.

In other words, while it’s reasonable to be unhappy with a Democratic administration and even concerned because the Democrats are now a socialist party in the European sense, we are not witnessing the coming of the anti-Christ.

Here are my comments:

Wasn’t Winston Churchill considered a kook to have “derangement syndrome” when he shouted his warnings of impending doom way back when…

People are trying to warn the nation and the world about Obama destroying this country and yet we are told to sit down and shut up and relax, because we just have “ODS (Obama Derangement Syndrome)” and things are not that bad. Brilliant.

Michael in MI on March 30, 2009 at 10:57 PM

Seriously, have people completely wiped from their memories Obama’s 2 DECADES of ideological mentoring from Socialists, Communists, Marxists and Racists, not to mention America-hating domestic terrorists? Do people honestly think that during those 20 years of learning and forming his views of America and views of capitalism that he didn’t become a Socialist/Communist/Marxist? Do people forget that he has studied the Saul Alinsky model of Rules for Radicals and the Cloward-Piven strategy? Did all that just go away as soon as he became President and now he gets a clean slate and we are to forget that he trained and studied and planned for this exact moment to ENACT all that he has learned and planned?

Have people gone mad?!?

Sorry, those of us who point this shit out do not have “ODS”, we are looking at fucking reality. For people to sit there and tell us to calm down after 20 years of background on this RADICAL — who has blatantly promised to transform this nation — and after his RADICAL actions during his first 3 months in office, that’s just ridiculous and unacceptable.

People need to wake the hell up and open their gawd damned eyes and STOP this shite before it’s too late. We should not sit here and wait and wait and wait and remain calm while a gawd damned Communist transforms our country before our very eyes and then we’re at the point that it is too late.

Rush sounded the fucking alarm to PREVENT this shit way back in January and here we are 3 months later, after 3 months of RADICAL transformation of this nation and we’re squabbling about ODS? Are you fucking kidding me?!?


Michael in MI on March 30, 2009 at 11:12 PM

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Advice to Republicans – This Isn’t Rocket Science

Some good advice given by a commentor to this post over at Ace of Spades HQ: As Prophesized, Messiah Preaches Hope and Change, But Is Rejected by the People He Has Been Sent to Save

Bush and the Republicans were either holed up or running for cover for the last 3 years. Along came the Democrats to fill the leadership vacuum. Until the Republicans can show some leadership, the Democrats will win even with their failed, stale ideas.”

Agreed. My advice to the Republicans is:

1. Grow a Pair. Do not apologize for who you are or what you believe. Defend your ideas when the Dems come out with the scurrilous ad hominem attacks. They’re smart enough to realize that they can’t win the battle of ideas, so they have to personalize the fight. (Rush?). Americans agree with conservative principles if only you:

2. Sell Your Product Market conservative ideas. Tell the American people what you’re going to tell them. Tell them. Then tell them what you just told them. Hit it again and again. Pound it into them so there’s no mistaking what we believe in.

3. Cultivate Effective Leaders. Sorry, but John tan-in-a-can Boehner doesn’t cut it. He talks a good game, but when push comes to shove, he’s a bling-wearing Bob Michel. Find people who are intelligent, articulate, and fast on their feet, and trot them out at every opportunity to drive the message home.

4. Counterpunch One of the most frustrating things about the Bush administration is that they sat there and took every Democratic attack without responding, because they thought it was beneath the dignity of the President. Take a lesson from the Clintons. Hit back. Hit back hard, and hit back immediately and in a draconian manner.

5. Walk the Walk. This was the reason Republicans lost Congress in the first place. American voters are highly allergic to “do as I say not as I do”. Don’t talk conservative principles and vote like Barney Frank.

This isn’t rocket science. The Dems are an incompetent socialist fraud. If we can’t beat that, we should just roll up our tent and go home, because we suck.

Posted by: Ombudsman at March 28, 2009 04:49 PM

100% agreed.

Ummm, paging RNC Chairman Michael Steele? You may want to hire this man to advise some of the incompetent idiots in your party. In fact, you may want to hire this man to advise you. Just a thought.

Oh, and Ace’s “Sermon on the Teleprompter” quip? Pure gold. heh

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Obama is The King of the Worrrrrrrrrrld!

Mike’s America over at Flopping Aces also picks up on the Titanic analogy that I noticed the other day: Obama: Damn the Icebergs! Full Speed Ahead!

I added this to Mike’s post:

All that’s left is for an artistic photo-shopper or political cartoonist to put Obama at the front of the Titanic a la Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic shouting “I’m the King of the Worrrrrrrrrrrrrrrld!” Only make Obama the captain of the ship, so put a captain’s hat on him and have the lookouts be the GOP warning of his economic policies heading us straight for Icebergs (labeled as “Depression” or “Socialism/Communism”) and then have DiCaprio’s friend, who was also there at the front of the ship enjoying the ride, be labeled “mass media”.

I mean sh*t, this stuff writes itself and comedians and political artists say they can’t make fun of Obama. Geez.

They’ll also need to add a Teleprompter at the front of the Titanic which tells Obama to say “I’m the King of the Worrrrrrrrrrld!”

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New Theme Song of the Obama Voter – “Promises Broken”

Full scale retreats are costly. Phased draw downs are a bit less costly. But, the left (and the Obamatrons) insisted that we get out, and get out now… or soon, or rather quickly.

Now, about those bald-faced lies about how ending this Iraq thing was going to provide such a huge savings.

Go back to all the campaign promises, and post-inaugural promises, and all the decisions regarding the budget and bailout and stimulus that were all predicated with this false savings lie…

All one big lie, and it seems most of America bought into it, all of it.

So, where’s the outrage? [ … ]

coldwarrior on March 26, 2009 at 10:52 AM

Upon reading this comment by “coldwarrior” at HotAir in response to this post by Ed Morrissey, “Iraq Will Cost More to Leave than Stay”, a song came to mind:

And every little thing about this tells me
Nothing out there is ever gonna help me
And all these words that I hear spoken
Just promises broken now

The sad thing is that I bet most Obama voters are still clueless to the fact that our Teleprompter President has broken every single one of his campaign promises so far. That’s what happens when you drink the cult Kool-Aid and treat a dirty, filthy corrupt politician whose entire political background is in socialism, communism, Marxism, Black Liberation Theology and dirty Chicago politics as a sort of do-no-wrong perfect messiah.

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