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The GOP Should Treat Americans as the Ignorant Dopes that They Are

That seems to be the message that critics of Rush Limbaugh, such as Patterico, are saying. Apparently, the American public is too stupid to understand the “nuance” behind “I hope [Obama] fails” in his efforts to destroy capitalism in America and install socialism. Apparently, people such as Patterico and AllahPundit and some other so-called “moderates”, posing as standard bearers of the conservative movement, think our message to the American public needs to be more on a less “nuanced” level the ignorant dopes can understand.

I’m sorry, but I am getting sick of these people. Rush Limbaugh, for the past 20 years, has been doing nothing, but using the 3 hours of his show each weekday to teach, inform, educate and inspire people about the bedrock principles of conservatism and explaining to people how it has been through conservatism and capitalism that this country has become the greatest, most prosperous nation in the history of the world in a mere 233 years. He explains and informs and educates about history and about the economy and about how conservative and liberal policies have succeeded and failed, respectively, every time they have been tried all across the world.

Rush has been converting people from all ranks of life, of all ages and of all political ideologies to conservatism for 20 years. Those who actually take the time to listen to his message and appreciate all he has to explain, educate, inform and inspire, are those who benefit the most from his message.

When I see posts like that from Patterico, it tells me that instead of wanting to improve this nation, instead of wanting to lift this nation up to being more informed, more educated and more inspired to do something with that better information and knowledge, people like Patterico simply want to accept the ignorance of this nation and craft a strategy around that. As Michael Steele put it a “hip hop” strategy of pandering to ignorance and small attention spans.

In other words, they simply want to try to pander to ignorance and win an election here and there, rather than think long term and teach and inform and educate people so that they finally understand the ills and failures of socialism and Marxism and liberalism and the benefits and successes of conservatism and capitalism. If that knowledge and education takes root, then we won’t have to worry in the future about socialist/communist/Marxist candidates like Obama, because the nation will be informed enough to reject such lousy ideology outright.

Rush is a teacher who wants to improve the knowledge and education and inspiration of his students, which are his fellow Americans. It seems to me that those such as Patterico and AllahPundit and other Rush critics are just panderers and politicians who are more concerned with winning elections with the ends justifying the means.

They are not statesmen. They are pandering politicians. They are exactly what they usually criticize in their writings. That is sad and disheartening, because they have established themselves in this day and age of the blog as influential bloggers in their own right, and they could have a much greater influence of teaching and educating and inspiring as Rush does. But instead of doing that, they seemingly choose to simply make a name for themselves by criticizing a man who is doing what they should be doing, but for some reason are too afraid, lazy or unwilling to do.

Here is what I contributed to the thread at HotAir Headlines:

But, you know, that’s nuance.

The problem is, Americans have short attention spans and don’t always do nuance well.

In other words… Americans are ignorant morons, and instead of doing what Rush does on his show every day and trying to teach and inform and educate and inspire in order to turn people from ignoramuses into informed, educated inspired citizens, people such as Patterico want us to accept the public as ignorant morons and frame our selling points to them in dumbed down ways. Brilliant.

Yeah, I’ll stick with Rush’s strategy, thank you.

I hope Rush Limbaugh fails in his attempt to set himself up as the de facto head of the Republican Party

Uh, Patterico? Are you dense? The Left, Democrats and Obama are attempting to set Rush up as the de facto head of the Republican Party. Rush is, and has been for a while, the defacto head of the Conservative movement. Big difference.

The fact that good intelligent (I thought) people like AllahPundit and Patterico are too lazy or dense or jealous of Rush to recognize the difference is sad and disheartening.

Michael in MI on March 5, 2009 at 7:08 PM


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