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Obama Lies About Iraq Drawdown

Brilliant post and series by Greyhawk at Mudville Gazette about the lies Barack Obama has been telling about the drawdown of troops in Iraq and how the mass media is covering up for him. Here’s his summary in Diversions (III):

Let’s recap the salient points here:

1. In September, 2008, the 5th Stryker Brigade Combat Team (SBCT) – after months of preparation – is ordered to Iraq. (One of two SBCTs that were then scheduled to replace the two currently in Iraq)

2. In February, 2009, President Obama announces his Iraq drawdown/Afghanistan surge – the 5th SBCT will be diverted to Afghanistan instead of Iraq.

3. March, 2009, the DoD announces the 4th SBCT will deploy to Iraq this fall, several months ahead of the original schedule replacing the 5th SBCT in the rotation in order to maintain two Stryker Brigades in Iraq.

For the record, I’m in favor of commanders on the ground getting the forces they need to get the job done. I have no doubt that two Stryker Brigades are needed in Iraq, and others in Afghanistan.

I’m deeply concerned when I see troop rotations “adjusted” in what appears to be an effort to fool the American public. But I appreciate that the Obama administration can do that in plain sight, even providing press releases detailing exactly how they’re doing it.

I’m even more concerned that those efforts – and the ramifications thereof – are obvious to an American media assumed to be independent of the Executive Branch but apparently unconcerned about reporting its activities. Item two above was headline grabbing/TV news lead story material – item three indicates it was a fraud.

One year ago that would have been a hell of a story, don’t you think?

Yep, it would have been. In the comments, someone mentioned that when President Bush decided to send some troops early to Iraq, the mass media and the Democrats were freaking out and made it a HUGE story, whining and wringing their hands that the troops weren’t properly trained yet and President Bush was being completely irresponsible, etc etc etc. But now when Obama does this? Crickets…

Be sure to read the entire series by Greyhawk on this lying BS by Obama.

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And here is an absolutely brilliant smackdown of Leftist BS in the comments section by commentor “ECM”:

Instead of posting a bunch of non-sequitirs and revising history, can you just answer the following questions:

1. Are you happy that Obama *isn’t* drawing down troop levels in Iraq?

2. Are you happy that, as it turns out, he LIED to you about this fact?

3. Are you at all bothered that because of this little political shell game, that there are troops that are now UNDER-PREPARED for Afghanistan and are going to be put in harm’s way?

4. Are you at all bothered that because of this little political shell game, that there are troops that are now UNDER-PREPARED for Iraq and are going to be put in harm’s way?

5. Does it even matter if we ARE a bunch of knuckle-dragging, war-profiteering, troglodytes working for Halliburton? Who cares if we’re a bunch of hypocrites?! What difference does it make in the context of what is going on here and now?

Here’s my answers and you tell me if I’m being a ‘pacifist’ or a ‘dissenter’ just because there’s a (D) after the prez’s name:

1. No, actually I’m pissed because a lot of fine men and women (and their families) were expecting them home and/or not expecting to see them leave so early.


3. Yes, I’m pissed and upset because he’s going to send under-trained troops into a war zone where, thanks to said under-training, they face worse odds of coming home alive and/or in one piece ALL IN ORDER TO APPEASE BRAINDEAD ASSHOLES LIKE YOU WHO, ALL OF A SUDDEN, DON’T SEEM TO CARE ABOUT THE TROOPS AT ALL (since, you know, you’ve been screeching for nearly a decade that you love the troops, but hate the war).

4. See answer 3 plus: we know you hate the troops, hate Bush, hate Iraq, hatehatehatehate and don’t care if another bunch of ‘knuckle-dragging, war-profiteering, troglodytes working for Halliburton’ marches off to an untimely death because you never cared about the troops and ONLY care about your precious Obama (who, incidentally, fucked you over in front of the world!)

5. None of this should matter if you give a damn about our men and women in uniform (which you don’t) because they’re the ones being fucked in this deal, regardless if we’re every bit as bad as you think we are. It doesnt matter how cartoonishly monstrous we are IF YOU CARE ABOUT THE TROOPS MORE THAN YOUR PRECIOUS OBAMA (who, incidentally, fucked you over in front of the world!)

The ‘best’ part is, he made ALL Americans in general look like the bunch of rubes you’ve been calling us in the ‘Red States’ for the past 8 years and at the expense of our soldiers’ lives, you asshole. And the biggest joke is that, instead of being upset about the little political theater he gave you (before he gave you the hook), you’re mad at us because we don’t want to see the troops take it like you like it.

Posted by ECM at March 9, 2009 04:14 AM


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