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Hey Paris McCain, Why are You Even in the GOP?

That is what I would like to know after her constant harping against the GOP and media whoring (gee, just like her daddy): Video: Meghan McCain in heroic one-woman crusade to turn GOP centrist or something

Hmmm, instead of constantly bitching about what is wrong with the GOP, howsabouts she tell us what was so bad about the Democrat Party which drove her to register as a Republican in the first place (other than her dear ole daddy)?

Seems to me that she and her ilk are basically Democrats and simply have registered GOP in order to come and bitch about why the GOP isn’t Democrat enough.

Does anyone even know what Paris McCain, Frum, et al find bad about the DNC and attractive about the GOP to align themselves as they are?

All I see when I read Paris McCain, Frum and their ilk is someone going “okay, the Democrats are where we want them to be, now, let’s go register as GOPers and see if we can get that Party to go Left as well and have both Parties basically the same”.

Seriously, if Paris McCain finds the GOP so problematic, why did she join the damn Party to begin with? I actually LEFT the Party after her father was nominated, because it no longer represented my principles. Usually you only join a Party when it represents your principles. I haven’t read anything from her explaining one way or another why the Democrats don’t represent her views and why the Republicans do. All I read from her is how the GOP needs to be more like Democrats. Why? There is already a Democrat Party. If she likes those views, then go be a part of that Party and leave this Party the fuck alone!

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