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Faking Orgasms?

(Originally posted 05 NOV 07)

Yeah, I know, this blog subject seems to have come out of nowhere. Normally, I am not thinking about orgasms (real or fake) at 6pm in the evening.

But I always watch Seinfeld reruns on TBS from 5pm-6pm and tonight they had the episode “The Mango” during which Elaine admits to Jerry that she faked orgasms while they dated.

I have seen this one plenty of times before, so it was not that big of a deal. Though it was funny as always. (For me, Seinfeld never gets old) But what I noticed this time was Elaine’s pride in the fact that she faked orgasms.

I have never understood this (among many other things) about women. Why fake an orgasm? How is that something of which to be proud? All it does is make the guy think that he is doing the right thing. And how is that good? It just means he will try to do the exact same thing next time, because he thought, because of your reaction (faked orgasm), that what he did brought you pleasure. And how does that improve the woman’s enjoyment of the sexual experience?

I can’t speak for other guys, but for me it’s (well at least it *was* when I was actually in a sexual relationship with a woman… seems so long ago now… but I digress…) a turnon to have a woman ‘help’ me please her. A little physical direction to move me where she wants me, a little verbal help to tell me what feels good and what doesn’t, a little physical movement (squirming and flinching) to show what I am doing is affecting her in a good way. All that adds to my enjoyment as well as hers, I would think.

Well, I know it added to mine, because there was no better feeling than knowing I was pleasuring my significant other.

Of course, if one finds out that she was faking, that’s a horrible feeling. And I don’t know why a woman would want to do that to a guy, let alone to herself, since it deprives herself of pleasure too.

One of the excuses in the episode was “when it’s enough already and I just want to go to sleep”. Well, again, not speaking for other guys, I would rather just not makeout/have sex and just go to sleep rather than a woman fake an orgasm. Personally, half of my enjoyment of a sexual experience is knowing that I pleased my significant other. I would take no pleasure in knowing that my significant other didn’t want to have sex, but was faking it just to let me get my own pleasure. Heck, I may as well just ‘please myself’.

I guess I can understand this ‘faking orgasms’ if women are having one night stands and realize that the guy is a lousy lover and they just want it over with already. But I really don’t understand why a woman would do this in a serious relationship or especially during marriage.

Oh well. Not that it all really matters, since I won’t be giving real or fake orgasms anytime soon anyway.


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