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Obama is The King of the Worrrrrrrrrrld!

Mike’s America over at Flopping Aces also picks up on the Titanic analogy that I noticed the other day: Obama: Damn the Icebergs! Full Speed Ahead!

I added this to Mike’s post:

All that’s left is for an artistic photo-shopper or political cartoonist to put Obama at the front of the Titanic a la Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic shouting “I’m the King of the Worrrrrrrrrrrrrrrld!” Only make Obama the captain of the ship, so put a captain’s hat on him and have the lookouts be the GOP warning of his economic policies heading us straight for Icebergs (labeled as “Depression” or “Socialism/Communism”) and then have DiCaprio’s friend, who was also there at the front of the ship enjoying the ride, be labeled “mass media”.

I mean sh*t, this stuff writes itself and comedians and political artists say they can’t make fun of Obama. Geez.

They’ll also need to add a Teleprompter at the front of the Titanic which tells Obama to say “I’m the King of the Worrrrrrrrrrld!”

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New Theme Song of the Obama Voter – “Promises Broken”

Full scale retreats are costly. Phased draw downs are a bit less costly. But, the left (and the Obamatrons) insisted that we get out, and get out now… or soon, or rather quickly.

Now, about those bald-faced lies about how ending this Iraq thing was going to provide such a huge savings.

Go back to all the campaign promises, and post-inaugural promises, and all the decisions regarding the budget and bailout and stimulus that were all predicated with this false savings lie…

All one big lie, and it seems most of America bought into it, all of it.

So, where’s the outrage? [ … ]

coldwarrior on March 26, 2009 at 10:52 AM

Upon reading this comment by “coldwarrior” at HotAir in response to this post by Ed Morrissey, “Iraq Will Cost More to Leave than Stay”, a song came to mind:

And every little thing about this tells me
Nothing out there is ever gonna help me
And all these words that I hear spoken
Just promises broken now

The sad thing is that I bet most Obama voters are still clueless to the fact that our Teleprompter President has broken every single one of his campaign promises so far. That’s what happens when you drink the cult Kool-Aid and treat a dirty, filthy corrupt politician whose entire political background is in socialism, communism, Marxism, Black Liberation Theology and dirty Chicago politics as a sort of do-no-wrong perfect messiah.

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