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Obama is The King of the Worrrrrrrrrrld!

Mike’s America over at Flopping Aces also picks up on the Titanic analogy that I noticed the other day: Obama: Damn the Icebergs! Full Speed Ahead!

I added this to Mike’s post:

All that’s left is for an artistic photo-shopper or political cartoonist to put Obama at the front of the Titanic a la Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic shouting “I’m the King of the Worrrrrrrrrrrrrrrld!” Only make Obama the captain of the ship, so put a captain’s hat on him and have the lookouts be the GOP warning of his economic policies heading us straight for Icebergs (labeled as “Depression” or “Socialism/Communism”) and then have DiCaprio’s friend, who was also there at the front of the ship enjoying the ride, be labeled “mass media”.

I mean sh*t, this stuff writes itself and comedians and political artists say they can’t make fun of Obama. Geez.

They’ll also need to add a Teleprompter at the front of the Titanic which tells Obama to say “I’m the King of the Worrrrrrrrrrld!”


March 26, 2009 , 1:57PM - Posted by | Barack Obama, Class Warfare, Communism, Economy, Socialism

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  1. *Snicker*

    Good stuff!

    Comment by melmaguire | March 28, 2009 , 1:53AM

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