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Got Remorse? You Will.

Riding home from the gym yesterday morning here in SE Michigan, about 20 minutes West of Detroit, I came up behind a car which had the following homemade sign up in its back window:

A picture of Obama as a puppet which read: “Got Remorse? You Will.”

On the side it read: “Marxist Puppet”.

This was a very, VERY welcome thing to see, considering every morning I go to the gym, there is a car there with the following bumper stickers:

“Impeach the $%!#^% Bastards!”
“Obama ‘08″
“Support the Troops”

And then, underneath the “Impeach…” one, the following one was recently added this week:

“Convict Bush. No one is Above the Law.”

I’m guessing they wanted to make clear that they didn’t want the current bastards impeached (they’re apparently hunky dorey with the Obama Administration dopes), just the Bush Administration bastards.

Apparently, Obama breaking the law with Tony Rezko and his land deals, breaking the law with campaign contributions and deliberately turning off online security measures, breaking the law with voter registration, breaking the law with his buddies at A.C.O.R.N., etc, was a-okay with this dimwhit.  Apparently, he had to go with the “No one is Above the Law” sticker, since they were all out of the “No one except Obama the Leftist “Messiah” is Above the Law” stickers.  

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Torture – Never Say Never

I left this comment in response to this post at HotAir Headlines: Shep on Torture: Not in My Name!

What is interesting to think about is that the delicate sensibilities of many of today’s Americans would probably be outraged by the action taken by America in the past, which ended a war: dropping the bomb(s).

Too many people out there today think that America lost the “moral high ground” back then because we are the only nation to drop the bomb. Too many people don’t even realize that dropping those bombs saved hundreds of thousands of lives and was the lesser of two necessary evils.

The same type of mentality, I believe, permeates through the discussion of “torture” today. As the saying goes “never say never”. It’s really easy for a bunch of pampered elites to say “never torture” when they don’t ever have to make a tough choice except what kind of latte to have or what color tie to put on that day.

My opinion on this is that there should be a definition of torture determined within the military community, not determined by stuffy politicians whose idea of torture is not being able to fly in their private jets or eat premium steaks every day. Also, these definitions should NOT be made public. Also, while these laws should be the standard, there should also be a clause allowing for the laws to be broken in extreme circumstances. Or, if not allowing for them to be broken, simply allowing for a honorable discharge for anyone who participates in torture which was shown to save American lives.

In other words, don’t celebrate or condone the acts of torture, but also make it clear within the military community and C.I.A. that if torture is done to save American lives, then those who administered it and saved the lives will not have their lives ruined as a result.

This really is a simple thing. There is no moral high ground in being dead.

And for those who think the “ticking time bomb” scenario will never happen, I’m sure most people never thought that we’d ever have to make a decision on whether or not to drop the bomb. I’m sure people never thought that a man such as Hitler would execute the Holocaust.

“Never say never”.

Also, “We sleep soundly in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm.” — Winston Churchill

Michael in MI on April 23, 2009 at 12:12 PM

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We Can’t Make Fun of Poo Widdle Paris McCain

I’ve made my opinion of attention whore Meghan McCain pretty clear in previous posts.

Apparently though, the righty blogosphere just can’t stop talking about this vapid, ignorant twit: ‘Future of the GOP’ really seems to dig anti-GOP entertainment

Well, here’s my response to the whining about those who are making fun of Meghan the attention whore:

“…it does bother me to see the litany of nasty comments about her weight or appearance whenever her latest irritating statement is mentioned on a conservative blog, since expressing such sentiments seems pointless and unnecessary.”

Why? Are you also bothered by the litany of nasty comments about Michael Moore’s appearance? Helen Thomas’ appearance? Janeane Garofalo’s appearance? Any other left-wing jackass’ appearance? (And, yes, that is what Meghan McCain has turned herself into — or has always been. Were her last name not McCain she would be rightfully called what she is: an irrelevant left-wing twit.)

When people say stupid shit, they open themselves up to ridicule. Why are people so appalled that people make fun of Meghan McCain when she insults Republicans, conservatives and conservative values in the same ignorant, stupid manner that Michael Moore (and the rest of the Left) does? Should we be going easy on her simply because she’s a woman? Simply because her last name is McCain? Simply because she claims to be a Republican? Simply because some people consider her vacuous inanity “sweet” and “charming”?

Sorry, screw that. You say stupid, insulting shit, you deserve any ridicule that comes your way.

Michael in MI on April 21, 2009 at 9:33 PM

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Barack Obama is a Dumb Bitch

Well, apparently anyone who opposes creating homosexual marriage is a dumb bitch. Therefore, since Barack Obama opposes creating homosexual marriage, we can safely and proudly call Barack Obama a dumb bitch as well. I can live with that.

Via HotAir Headlines: Why is it okay for Obama to oppose gay marriage but not Miss California?

Why is it acceptable for Obama and Biden to have this opinion but not a conservative female? And where are the women’s rights and feminist groups to speak out against this kind of language? Or gay rights groups to denounce this clown because he does nothing to advance their agenda of tolerance? The same place they were when other females who possessed traditional values or beliefs like Sarah Palin exercised their right to free speech and expressed these views: they’re nowhere to be found.

I ask: How can a pageant that is supposedly designed to advance women put a judge who clearly has no respect for females on the judging panel?

Could not have said it any better, Miss Tantaros. Spot-on.

Maybe if we all start calling Barack Obama a dumb bitch (for his opposition to creating homosexual marriage), the Left will have to come to Miss California’s defense while coming to Obama’s defense.

If they don’t, oh well, at least we can go around calling Barack Obama a dumb bitch and have it socially acceptable by the homosexual marriage supporting Left.

From the anti-Proposition 8 terrorizing thugs to this situation, I am just dumbfounded as to why the homosexual movement is not getting more converts to their cause.

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What the Susan Boyle Hype Says About Our Society

I thought of this a couple days ago when the hype about Susan Boyle was at its peak, but refrained from writing anything, since it seemed that I was alone in my view of this. However, after seeing a few different perspectives, including someone’s Facebook status message questioning the hype, I decided maybe it was okay to now express my differing viewpoint on this.

Here is the status message and my response to it:

“…is trying really hard to understand the Susan Boyle hype but just doesn’t get it.”

The hype really says more about the people hyping her than it does about her.  She is just an average woman with a great voice.  The hype comes from people looking at her and seeing some “poor, less-than-pretty looking joke of a middle-aged woman” and then being shocked — shocked!!! — that such a person could have any talent whatsoever, since most people today only worship at the altar of no-talent hacks who just happen to have won the lottery in the gene pool as far as looks are concerned.

I think the hype really shows how shallow most people are.  They basically look at her in their condescending view saying “oh look, how cute, an ‘ugly’ woman who can sing.  Isn’t that precious!”

It’s really the complete opposite of what our culture usually does: instead of making stars out of people with marginal talent who are physically attractive, she has become a star solely because she is less physically attractive.

That said, I thought her performance was great.  But when I watched one of the videos on YouTube and they were scrolling the crowd before she sung, you could see plenty of people rolling their eyes and looking down upon her as a joke based on her looks and her shy demeanor.  Then all of a sudden they started cheering her raucously, because their shallow views had been shattered.  But it’s still condescending, because she is given special treatment as a star solely because she is “a shy, ugly person who can sing, how cute!”

I added a little bit more when others commented on my Facebook link:

This is not to say that she didn’t perform really well.  But really the hype is because people looked at her so badly and their standards for what they expected from her were so low that even if she had given an average performance, they would deem it “the most amazing performance EVAH!”  Which is sad.  Like I said, it’s the opposite of what we usually do in our society, which is start with a little petite hottie chick and then basically whatever comes out of her mouth, if she sings just decently and is bearable to listen to, then she’s a STAR!!!  Well, this is the opposite.  Again, she was judged by her looks and demeanor and then standards were lowered and she was deemed a star, because of lowered expectations.  That’s completely unfair to her, because she is being treated differently solely based on her looks.

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