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How to Tell if You’re a Democrat

Heheh, an oldie, but goodie.

How to Tell if You’re a Democrat

1. You’re not sophisticated enough to realize that “liberty” and “socialism” are mutually exclusive concepts.

2. You believe that Europe (even with its faulty currency, high unemployment, and economic stifling tax rates) is an example of the successful socialism, but ignore China, India, and the former USSR which account for almost 1/2 of the earth’s population.

3. You support “choice”, as long as it has nothing to do with where your kids go to school, owning a firearm, deciding where your retirement money goes, or what doctor you go to see.

4. You believe that every vote counts, except those from Republican dominated counties and from the military.

5. You believe that children are expensive, but no matter how many children poor people choose to produce, the poor are always victims of society and not their own bad choices.

6. You believe in the communist theory of “redistribution of wealth”, but only if the government redistributes it.

7. You don’t give much to charity, after all, why should you have to give up necessities like cable TV, cell phones, electronic gadgets, eating out, and air conditioning when there are people who have even more than you do?

8. You believe the Bill of Rights actually has an amendment declaring the “right to privacy”.

9. You believe that Social Security is not a risky pyramid scheme.

10. You believe oppression comes from business and prosperity comes from government.

11. You believe that John Ashcroft is a horrible choice for a federal position because he is a religious man, but Joe LIEberman was a great choice for a federal position because he is a religious man.

12. You don’t understand the basics of “supply and demand”.

13. You believe that conservatives are racist, but quotas, social promotion, lower expectations, and set asides aren’t.

14. Your arguments for supporting abortion are religious in nature because you know you’d be blown away if you made it a scientific argument.

15. You believe “workfare” is the same as slavery.

16. You believe self-esteem is more important than actually doing anything to earn it.

17. You believe that Christians have no business being included in the umbrella of diversity.

18. Even though most Americans choose to eat a poor diet and choose not to exercise, you feel it is still the taxpayer’s responsibility to pay for their medical care.

19. You believe Big Business is evil because it fills a demand the public is screaming for.

20. You believe that the Bill Of Rights says “There is a separation of church and state” but not the actual line: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or PROHIBITING THE FREE EXERCISE THEREOF”.

21. You believe that Santa decorations should be banned from public schools at Christmas due to religious issues, but don’t believe witch decorations should be banned from public schools at Halloween even though Wicca is a federally recognized religion.

22. You believe there was no art before federal funding.

23. You believe that drilling a piece of the enormous Alaskan preserve will be horrible for the environment, but hauling energy inefficient oil tankers from the Middle East (halfway across the planet) won’t have any negative impacts on the environment.

24. You believe that in a free society doctors should be servants of the state.

25. You believe that anyone who agrees with you is open minded and believe that anyone who disagrees with you is closed minded.

26. You believe that the only reason communism hasn’t worked is because the right people haven’t been in charge yet.

27. You feel that anyone who beats you in an intellectual argument is a bigot.


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  1. Hehe. Brilliant.

    Comment by lmwalker | April 7, 2009 , 12:55AM

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