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I Don’t Know You, But I’ve Decided That I Hate You

Talk about judgmental. And they say conservatives are the ones who are shallow, ignorant and intolerant?

Via HotAir Headlines: Julie Limbaugh – My Cousin, Rush Limbaugh

“I have never spoken with Ann [nor] read any of her books, but based on her public persona, I have decided that she is someone I hate.”

Interesting. Make a few changes and we have…

“I have never spoken with [Barack Obama] [nor] read any of his books [nor do I know anything about his background], but based on [his] public persona, I have decided that [he] is someone I [love and support for President].”

They hate conservatives based on ignorance, and love people like Obama for the same reason. Shallow, ignorant and naive. Style over substance. Basically the definition of a modern liberal/’progressive’.

This reminds me of a blog post I wrote a few years ago about my stance on abortion, when I was only posting on MySpace. Some liberal chick made her way to my blog and decided to leave a comment calling me “the most pathetic excuse for a man [she had] ever seen”. I replied that it was amazing of her to be able to read one little ole blog post from me and automatically be able to judge my character like that. I said that she was quite the amazing person being that judgmental and intolerant. She, of course, took the bait and denied denied denied that she was snap judging me and was intolerant. Uh huh. I already figured out you were judgmental and intolerant, honey, now I was just trying to figure out if you were also a hypocrite and a coward for not owning up to it.

Heh, I need to go find that old post…


April 1, 2009 , 10:08AM - Posted by | Liberalism, Rush Limbaugh

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